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We're Listening to Tuesday Knight Every Day of the Week, and You Should too

The up and coming artist reflects on what it means to be chosen as Artist of the Week for BET Jams, working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, all while caring for a family. Oh, and did we mention he has an Ivy League degree?

"I grew up falling in love with this genre of music"

DYLAN JADER: When did your passion for creating music first begin?

TUESDAY KNIGHT: It started early, maybe around age five. My older brothers would put on the Nas CD, and I was just infatuated with his songs. I grew up falling in love with this genre of music, knowing every single word to every single song. I started trying music for myself around eight or nine, I would rap with my older brother Sean. Let me tell you, I was terrible. But, the love for music was there.

DJ: What artist did you look up to most growing up? We’ll assume Nas is first on that list?

TK: Yeah. I would say early on, definitely Nas. I was a big fan of Outkast, Kanye West, Jay Z, those are my first inspirations. Lupe Fiasco too, when he came out, his word play made me start to overthink and analyze my lyrics, and he’s influenced me to focus on my metaphors and such.

"Music is about being authentic."

DJ: You graduated from Cornell and pursued a career in finance. How do you balance work and music? Do they intertwine in any way?

TK: Yes. Initially, working in finance was a way to fuel my music career. I was able to build my own studio in the basement of my house, and once I felt as though I was in a good enough position with a strong enough resume, I left finance to do music full time. I’m now working again, and took an opportunity in Atlanta, which I will again use to further my career in an even bigger city than where I am from.

DJ: What inspires your music today?

TK: Music is about being authentic. A lot of rappers make up things, and rap about experiences that they don’t actually live. My inspiration comes from being real with people. I want to show kids that you can be smart, go to an ivy league school, and still rap and share your talents. I try to be as transparent and real as possible.

"And alas, Tuesday Knight was born"

DJ: Absolutely. So, now we must ask, where did the name Tuesday Knight derive from?

TK: My manager Dan [Berte] and I were in the studio one night, and it was the night before I released my first mixtape back in 2015. I did not have a rap name, and I felt like my real name, Shane Jackson, was too generic. I was having trouble coming up with a name, but it happened to be Tuesday night, and alas Tuesday Knight was born. The name is the moment my career began.

DJ: Hey, it works. Now, you’ve worked with some big name players in the industry, King Los, Dizzy Wright, just to name a few. What were those experiences like?

TK: To be honest, these days, everything is done digitally. They send me files, but it’s not in person. I am blessed that they wanted to work with me at all, but it was not an earth shattering moment.

Jackson, in his home studio.

DJ: Yes, makes sense. What would be your dream collaboration in the future?

TK: Honestly, probably Nas. Andre 3000, J Cole, Lauryn Hill. It would be so dope.

DJ: What non-rap/hip hop song is your guilty pleasure?

TK: Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake.

Jackson, in his home studio

DJ: What projects are you working on at the moment?

TK: I am working on new music, however I am currently rolling out and album that will officially be out October 29th, called FYS. I am releasing FYS one-by-one in a weekly video series called “Front Yard Series”. We filmed videos in my front yard, and those come out once a week on Tuesday nights for eight weeks until the full album comes out.

DJ: Very cool. Does FYS stand for “Front Yard Series”?

TK: The album FYS is actually “For Your Soul” but it just happens to aligns with “Front Yard Series” as well.

DJ: Well that is convenient. Before we go, we have to talk about your most recent accomplishment being chosen as BET Jams’ artist of the week.

TK: I was invited out to BET about a year ago to come play some music for them, and the person who flew me out [who I now consider a friend] had cycled me through their inner-organization system. He reached out to me again because he was in Atlanta for the BET awards, and asked if I would be interested in being a “Fresh Face Friday Artist of the Week”. Why wouldn’t I want that? It’s been great, and so far I’ve had the most fews of any new artist, so it feels like it is working.

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Interview: Dylan Jader

Artist: Shane "Tuesday Knight" Jackson

Photography: Carl Brezovsky

Manager: Dan Berte





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