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Trevor and Trey Eason

Dylan: Hi Trey and Trevor, how are you both?

Trey: Hey C’est Prune - we’re good. We are currently back in our hometown of Wilmington, North Carolina right now. Every time we come home, our family has some sort of work for us to do, so we’ve been renovating our grandfather’s house this entire trip.

Dylan: Well, that’s nice. Let’s get right into it, can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

Trey + Trevor: We’re going to stick with the basic - we’re the twins from Netflix’s The Politician.

Dylan: We’ll get to know you throughout this interview. As you’ve pointed out, fans know you as Martin and Luther from Netflix’s The Politician. How did you guys acquire these roles? We hear it’s quite the story.

Trey + Trevor: This was THE most random event of our life. About three years ago, we went to a movie premier that had a set of twins in the movie, and there were multiple sets of twins at the premier. When we were there, we met a group of casting directors that were there to specifically talk to twins. We exchanged numbers, and then we didn’t speak for almost two years. Randomly, two years later, we get a call “hi, this is Debbie and Lisa, you may remember us from the movie premier”. We did not remember them at all. They mentioned they’d had an audition for a Netflix project available, so we of course said yes and had them send it over. This happened at 11pm, and they needed us to memorize the script by 11am.

Dylan: And the rest is history…

Left: Sweater: Joseph Abboud Collection, Vest: Joseph Abboud Collection, Pants: Joseph Abboud Collection; Right: Sweater: Joseph Abboud Collection Vest: Joseph Abboud Collection, Pants: Joseph Abboud Collection

Trey + Trevor: When we were at the audition, there was another set of twins there and it was their final callback. It was our first audition, so we came in at the very last second. We stood in front of Ryan Murphy, Brad [Falchuk], and all of them, and we did it and we got it.

Dylan: Amazing. Did you both grow up acting, or was this an opportunity that just sort of came about?

Trey + Trevor: I guess you could say we were born for it. When we were newborn babies, we had a role in a movie called The Last Mafia Marriage, but after that we didn’t do too much acting. We did some modeling and such, but yeah, not too much acting. We will say, growing up in Wilmington, there are a lot of studios here [Screen Gems Studios]. Dawson’s Creek, One Tree Hill, Revenge, all were filmed around here.

Dylan: So weird that you say that, I was just talking about One Tree Hill for the first time in years today.

Trey + Trevor: We were extras in that show a lot. But yeah, we peaked here after a while and that is why we moved to New York. We had OK jobs, we were making just as much money as all of the adults here and felt like we were plateauing - we couldn’t do it anymore. We started modeling in New York, but it didn’t work out, so we started doing our own thing. This opportunity came out of nowhere, we didn’t take acting classes or anything prior. It was our first audition together, and it worked out.

Suit: Joseph Abboud Collection, Shirt: Joseph Abboud Collection, Tie: Joseph Abboud Collection, Shoes: Bruno Magli, Suit: David Hart, Shirt: Swonne, Tie: Joseph Abboud Collection, Shoes: Florsheim

Dylan: Your characters, Martin and Luther, rely on looks, wealth, privilege, and their parents to get by in life. Was it fun to play characters that are so different than your real-life personalities?

Trey + Trevor: They are polar opposites of us. We are from North Carolina, which is a whole different kind of south. We come from the opposite of infinitely rich, we grew up very poor, and playing these characters was a lot of fun. It was challenging at times, because in this day and age, their persona is the exact profile that is frowned upon now. However, we’ve done a lot of catering in rich areas, like Montauk, and through those experiences of being in extremely wealthy settings, we’ve gotten to know quite a few characters like Martin and Luther in real life. We used them to help shape our characters. We’ve had people reach out and say that we did a good job playing the character you love to hate, and our friends and family who know the real us say that we bring a touch of ourselves to the screen. It feels amazing to have something that makes our family proud, and show our parents that their emotional support meant everything to us.

Dylan: That is special. What is it like to work with this incredible, high-profile cast? With Ben [Platt], Gwyneth [Paltrow], and Jessica Lange, just to name a few, this truly is a stacked group of talent.

Trey + Trevor: It is the greatest acting school that we could have ever been thrown in. When you are working parallel to people at this level, you are forced to act at the same level as them. It is extremely intimidating watching people work so flawlessly. Ben will go up with an insane amount of lines, and it’s like he is reading out of an encyclopedia. Pages and pages and pages of lines, just effortlessly. It leaves us in awe, the dude is amazing.

Dylan: What character(s) do you relate to most in real life, if any, on The Politician?

Trey + Trevor: *simultaneously while both laughing* Ricardo! We love his character.

Dylan: This show got big, fast. Are you starting to get recognized and stopped by fans?

Trey + Trevor: Actually, yes. We still do catering work, and I don’t want to say it is a bad thing, but it has completely gotten in the way with us doing that line of work. We’ve been getting recognized so much at events, and it interrupts us as we work because we stop and talk to fans and take pictures and such. Some of the people we work for support and appreciate it, but others want us to just get to work. On top of that, most of the events we work really coincide with the percent that the show is referring to.

Dylan: Ah, makes sense. We hear you have a birthday coming up, how old are you turning and what are your goals for the new year?

Trey + Trevor: Yes, December 12th. We are turning 27. We’ve always had a thing with the number 27, it follows us everywhere, and we’ve always said that 27 was going to be our year. It truly seems like it is on its way.

Dylan: Yes, it does. Outside of acting and the catering business, are you working on any other projects?

Trey + Trevor: We are trying to do a little bit of absolutely everything. We want to travel, and right now we are extremely into interior design. We want to take over HGTV in entirety. We want to be on all the shows, we want to have our own interior housing brands, we want you to be able to go to any store and buy our furniture. We make our own furniture.

Dylan: Do you? That is amazing.

Trey + Trevor: I wish we could show you our apartment right now. You’d be amazed at some of the pieces we’ve created.

Dylan: You may have just answered this for me, but if you weren’t acting, what would be your dream job?

Trey + Trevor: We both want to get our contracting licenses, and we’d want to be a one-stop shop for buying, renovating, and selling home spaces. Oh, and also, we want to be involved in some sort of work where we can travel around to places in need of help. Those that don’t have clean water, don’t have power, we want to go and install alternative energy sources and teach them how to use/fix them. We’ve been researching alternative energy sources since senior year of high school, and have been obsessed ever since. There are not enough people sharing these tools with the people who actually need them.

Dylan: That is an amazing and fulfilling dream. Now, we shift gears for some fun, simple questions. If you could take any famous figure, dead or alive, to dinner - who would it be?

Trey + Trevor: We are huge fans of George Clooney, we call ourselves George Cloney. That is our unanimous answer.

Trevor: My solo answer would be Jim Carey, for sure.

Trey: And I would choose Chris Farley. It would be a dream come true.

Dylan: My final question for you both, when you’re not binge watching The Politician, what show can you not get enough of?

Trey + Trevor: We watch absolutely everything. We are constantly watching all HGTV shows - the tiny homes, anything related to house hunting or renovating. We also watch a lot of YouTube, we watch a lot of vehicle/car related videos.

You can steam Netflix’s The Politician to watch Trey and Trevor Eason now here



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