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Since you're self isolating stream AJ & the Queen with Tia Carrere & RuPaul

C'EST PRUNE: Hi Tia, so excited to be chatting today. Can you introduce yourself to readers and new fans?

TIA CARRERE: Hey Prune readers! I am either known as Cassandra from Wayne's World or Juno Skinner that danced the tango with Arnold in True Lies, or the older sister in Lilo & Stitch. But since January I've been mostly recognized as crazy Lady Danger in AJ & the Queen with RuPaul!

PRUNE: Talk to us about the journey to where you are today. Where did your career first begin?

TIA: I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, did some modeling for local stores, and always thought singing at a local hotel would be the trajectory of my career but a fateful day in a grocery store in Waikiki changed my life.

PRUNE: What were the most noteworthy stepping stones in your acting career? Perhaps an influential costar or big break role.

TIA: I was literally 'discovered' in a grocery store in The Food Pantry Waikiki by a producer's mother and father just and, from that chance meeting, I got the female lead in a small film called Aloha Summer. With that film credit, I moved to Los Angeles and within a few months was cast in a  regular role, the character of Jade Soong. That was in 1984. Then in 1992, the role that really blew up my career was getting Wayne's World. That huge hit made all the rest of my career possible.

PRUNE: Here we are today, watching you as Lady Danger alongside RuPaul in AJ and the Queen. Talk to us about this show as a whole, and your role specifically.

TIA: When I first read the part of Lady Danger out loud to my sister on the phone, she said it was the first time my character sounded just like me. Since LD is a homicidal maniac and a thief, I'm a little concerned she thought this! Working on the show with all these amazing talents and getting to do all the fun stuff that I did was just a gift.

PRUNE: We also get to watch you in Hulu’s Dollface. Talk to us about this star-studded cast and what it’s like to work with so many young influential stars.

TIA: It was so much fun playing Shay Mitchell's mom. It's like this year I've been destroying all these preconceived notions of who I am. From being the hot girl ingenue earlier in my career, I get to play this hot mess of a mom as well as freakshow Lady Danger. It's just a blast and so freeing where I'm at now.

PRUNE: Who influences you most as an actress?

TIA: I have always loved Michelle Pfeiffer for where she came from and all the amazing roles she's played over the course of her long career. Her early jobs include Grease 2 and a Charlie Chan movie, and we know where she ascended to with movies like Les Liaiasons Dangereuse and Scarface. She didn't just settle for being the pretty girl, she's also a great actress.

PRUNE: What can fans expect from you as 2020 unfolds?

TIA: I'm just continuing on the same path I've been on, continuing to do good work while being the best mom I can be. My most important job is getting my daughter through high school and onto her life's path while still seeking out interesting acting opportunities. I'm also getting out to sing live gigs again. Very excited about that.

PRUNE: Favorite destination spot?

TIA: There's no place like my hometown so any chance I can get to Hawaii is a joy for me. I recently went back and sang the national anthem for a Rams game at Aloha Stadium and it was epic. Any chance I get, I wanna be in Hawaii. On the other end of the spectrum I do love a week of shopping in NYC.

PRUNE: Favorite song to belt out in the car?

TIA: In the car I'll belt anything that I can reach the notes, but my favorite karaoke songs are 'What's Up' by 4 Non Blondes and Blue Bayou with Linda Ronstadt.

PRUNE: Where can fans follow you on social media?

TIA: I have a checkmark for @tiacarrere on Instagram, @tiacarrere on Twitter and also on @tiacarrere for Facebook. If you want to buy my Grammy-winning music it's on I-Tunes and you can get CD's on

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