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Small Town Louisiana girl Lindsey Pelas living in LA

PRUNE: Introduce yourself to our readers:        

LINDSEY: Hi there. I’m Lindsey Pelas. Born and raised in Louisiana and living here in West Hollywood. I’m a model, actress, business-owner and obsessive dog mom.  

PRUNE: You have grown a large social media following. How did your career begin?   

LINDSEY: I started growing my Instagram years ago while living in Louisiana. I posted sexy selfies and grew my page to about 250k people. At that time, it was unheard of to have so many followers. When I moved to LA, I met Dan Bilzerian, the “king of Instagram” a week in. He and I started dating and he told me that he was going to make me “internet famous.” He organized a photoshoot for me that ended up in a viral video of me running in slow motion. It ended up with over 9 million views and I had a million followers in 6 weeks. 

PRUNE: Is there a lot of pressure that comes with being a social media star?   

LINDSEY: There is definitely a lot of pressure that comes with being a social media star. What a lot of people don’t realize is, it’s a hugely different work experience than a regular Hollywood star. There are no famous parents, no huge team with unlimited funds behind you. You’ve got to be your own stage mom, business manager, stylist, creative director, editor, trainer, all of it. It’s impossible to maintain this opportunity without adapting to roles you never learned in a traditional setting. My career skill set has expanded in ways I never would have imagined. 

PRUNE: How do you hope to influence followers that look up to you? 

LINDSEY: I hope to influence people that loving themselves is okay. Everyone has their own unique story and we are all very flawed but very beautiful at the same time. I think teaching the world a bit of empathy and critical thinking would be the greatest thing I could do.   

PRUNE: You are a self-made entrepreneur and have found great success in your annual swimsuit calendars. Talk to us about this project and how it has grown.   

LINDSEY: For the last three years I’ve created 100% original annual swimsuit calendars as a way to connect with followers and fans! It is truly my first taste of business and it’s grown so much over the last few years. What makes the calendars truly special is the fact that I do everything! I style, find locations, create the concepts, meticulously oversee all of the editing processes. It’s a collection of my creativity, my sexiness and the perfect end to a year of following me online. Haha.  

PRUNE: You often participate in digital marketing panels. What is the biggest piece of advice you offer?   

LINDSEY: The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to be adaptable and don’t stop learning. Algorithms change. Trends change. It’s important to be able to roll with the punches and not give up.  

PRUNE: You produced your own podcast, Eyes Up Here. Talk to us about this podcast - the theme, the guests, and the response.  

LINDSEY: I started Eyes Up Here as a podcast to interview great guests with interesting perspectives. Initially I wasn’t sure what the show would be, but as time went by it really developed into a podcast about ridding social stereotyping. I’ve had actors, comedians, success gurus, supermodels. You name it.  

PRUNE: Dream future guests?  

LINDSEY: These two are random. Firstly, I’m obsessed with Kathleen Zelner from Making a Murderer. Her mind is incredible. I’d also really love to interview Patty Stanger. I think her relationship expertise is sound and smart and I’d love to pick her brain.   

PRUNE: Favorite podcast to binge listen to, besides yours of course?

LINDSEY: I like listening to Bert Kreischer. He is actually the person who encouraged me to start my podcast. He’s hilarious!  

PRUNE: Where can we follow you on socials?

LINDSEY: Instagram & Twitter: @lindseypelas, Facebook:

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