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By Michael St. Michael

We were a bit west from the east side at a venue in LA called The Downtown Independent, David July and I went out to celebrate The Fourth & final season of The Eastsiders. Four seasons, through the span of 8 years.

A series that gave way to mega stardom for some. A star was born and a crazy rich asain rose to the A list. Four seasons, pass just like in nature. A saga which explored the nature of humans, a side of which often dosed in shame or hushed with silence or submitted to the shadows.

Four seasons, in which we laughed, we cried and we learned to accept ourselves for who we are even though at times it seemed a bit fucked up. We celebrate human nature through the eyes and the heart of series creator Kit Williamson, a brilliant mind who I suspect ripped pages out of my diary to compose this series. Totally kidding but while binge watching this series I felt at times the storylines were hard hitting and very close for comfort. Truly the series has been some what a cathartic way to accept the way gay men experience relationships. To see art’s reflection of life and witness others going through similar journeys is beautiful.

As a gay man in the cusp of 30 in Los Angeles, the relevance of The Eastsiders has been far too real. when I stream these stories of gay counter culture in silverlake, I stand in the mirror. I have lived the life of Cal, the man who yearned for his lover to notice him and only him in the shallows of one sided monogamy. I have lived through the jeoparady of double lives and dualities as the ever so jaded Thom. I have tried to repress my sexual habits in an attempt to make the cookie cutter hetero-normative work not just as a gay man but as a misunderstood millennial, wallowing in shame deep rooted in Uncle Sam’s puritan roots and at other times romanced a revolving door turning apps and tricks. It just takes a few swipes, a tap, an ass pic for a dick pic and sex soon after. Through it all I've learned that it’s all okay so long as your not putting someone else in danger and you are up front about your actions. I have lived too long in a relationship like Cal and Thom, best friends who once were madly in love but now mostly just mad. Tormented lovers who could not set each other free even though they knew they were hurting each other. I have even explored the lengths of polamory, and swam in a sea of “Its just sex” to suit a suitor and that’s okay too. The importance of a show such as The Eastsiders has been kerosene to the diminishing homosexual culture and I am saddened to see it go. I suppose I can put it out there now that I am already begging for a revival. Well, Like all good things, even this show must come to an end. I had the pleasure of meeting much of the cast of The Eastsiders.

I went gaga over Willam’s Versace look and asked if his character Douglas was a bridezilla, did she ever get to making that youtube channel? You'll have to stream it to find out. Be sure to check out the final season streaming now on Netflix.





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