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Kaylee Bryant is all that and a bag of chipz.

PRUNE: You’ve been acting since childhood, was there any role that made you realize you wanted to pursue it fully as a career?

KAYLEE: I watched The Addam’s Family on repeat as a kid and started dressing and doing my hair like Wednesday Addams. It wasn’t until I started modeling that I realized Wednesday was actually played by an actress -  Christina Ricci - and I could do that as a career. So from then on, instead of dressing like Wednesday I started taking acting classes! 

PRUNE: Talk to us about your most recent role as Josie in Legacies.

KAYLEE: Josie is the first character I’ve been able to explore for an extended amount of time. She is incredibly complex in that she lives a very privileged life yet lacks so much confidence within herself. She grew up being the headmaster’s daughter, which attracts so much attention, but is constantly stuck in the shadows of her twin sister. I love playing around with how Josie interacts with different people and when she chooses to use her voice…or when she feels incapable of using it. 

PRUNE: How would you describe Legacies to someone who has never watched?

KAYLEE: Legacies is the perfect escape from normal day life. It’s fun because you get that feeling of being in Hogwarts with the beautifully intricate sets and costumes, but also that classic drama between students that you would expect from a CW high school series. The writers do a really good job of keeping our audience on their toes with the monsters of the week, and the interactions the characters have with each other. 

PRUNE: What can we expect from Season 2?

KAYLEE: This season is very different from Season 1. With Hope being erased from everyone’s memory you will find some characters interacting who you would never expect to be together. Julie Plec is describing the theme of the first episode as “Life Goes On.” Everyone is going about their “normal” lives, but what does normal mean when a very important piece of your life is missing?

PRUNE: You also recently had a pop up role in Santa Clarita Diet. What was it like working with Drew Barrymore?

KAYLEE: She was one of the sweetest people to work with! Drew brought an amazing energy to set that created a great working environment, which is something I always try to emulate on any set I’m working on.  

PRUNE: If you could star alongside any actor/actress you’ve not yet worked with, who would it be?

KAYLEE: I have so many! The first person that pops into my head is Alicia Vikander. I started studying her work when I saw her film Pure. I really love how she incorporates her ballet training into her craft like in Ex Machina. Learning foreign languages is something I love to do in my spare time so I’m also incredibly impressed and inspired that she learned a new language for her role in A Royal Affair. It would be a dream for me to master a new skill or language for a project. 

PRUNE: What other projects are you currently working on?

KAYLEE: We’re currently in production on Season 2 of Legacies, so I’m super busy with that.  When we wrap though, I’d love to work on a film or go back to my theatre roots. I grew up training specifically in musical theatre so it would be amazing to flex that muscle again.  

RUNE: What is one thing fans would be surprised to know about you?

KAYLEE: Maybe that I’m an introvert? I do a lot of livestreams and try to connect a lot with everyone online so people tend to think I’m super outgoing and extroverted. The reality is that I’m very shy and awkward in person. I feel like I interact with everyone so much online that I have a certain confidence, but whenever I meet in person I usually turn into a puddle and don’t know what to say. 

PRUNE: Go to karaoke song?

KAYLEE: I don’t do karaoke! I get super nervous and can’t sing in front of my close friends and family!

PRUNE: Favorite show to binge watch?

KAYLEE: I just finished the fourth season of Stranger Things!

PRUNE: Where can we follow you on social?

KAYLEE: On Twitter I’m @BryantmKaylee and on Instagram I’m @kaylee.bryant

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