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It is Moran's world.

PRUNE: How long have you been acting for?

MORAN: I’ve been acting for the last 13 years.

PRUNE: How did you first break into the acting world?

MORAN: The first person that encouraged me to pursue acting was designer Domenico Dolce. I met him when I was working as a host and model in Italy.

So I took an acting seminar and decided that this will be the next big chapter of my career.

PRUNE: What was your first major role?

MORAN: My first role and major for me was the Italian film Gas directed by Luciano Mecchiona. It was a role that portrayed a complete opposite to the public persona I was known for. The transformation led to my character Career.

PRUNE: We’ve seen you throughout the years on multiple series including Crash, Tyrant, 24: Legacy, and currently The Village. Talk to us about how each role has prepared you for the next.

MORAN: Actually after portraying a character I need to rid an accent, habits, behaviors that I brought in and mostly I have to re- program my thought process so I don’t play the same role. For that I go back to class. Let go of one role and start exploring the other.

PRUNE: How do you incorporate your Israeli background into your roles?

MORAN: I’m not sure I bring my background to my roles. I’ve always played different nationalities, religions and backgrounds so having a different background keeps me a student eager to learn. I think that growing up in Israel has definitely prepared me to handle stress, tension and conflict and also to celebrate life, but that my own personal experience.

PRUNE: Talk to us about The Village, and your character Ava.

MORAN: Ava is an Iranian immigrant, threatened to be deported and separated from her six-year-old son and the community she has created with Her neighbors at the Village. It’s the journey of a woman trying to figure out her legal rights and the hope while doing so.

PRUNE: What was the response from Season 1 like?

MORAN: We experienced such a heartfelt response from people of all walks of life’s backgrounds political affiliations religion and race somehow the village became a home to so many viewers a place where everyone is Accepted

PRUNE: What projects are you currently working on?

MORAN: The project I’m most excited about is the community funded with my sister Shani Atias. She called me first. Our community invites women from all over the world to engage in a global conversation on topics which we should talk about, we need to talk about, and we want to talk about . We have been hosting branches at my home and now expanding into the Wii work locations around the world are objective is to create a safe environment for women to find Opportunities


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