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PRUNE: Fans first and foremost recognize you from the television series, WAGS. Talk to us about this show and how it has impacted your career.

NICOLE: Well to be honest, before I was approached by the production team of WAGS I hadn’t really thought about being on reality TV. I was modeling full time before the show and I was a bit scared that doing a reality show would affect my modeling career. I took a chance since the show would be on E!, which is a great network. Plus, I thought it could be fun to film with my friends and with Larry of course! The show would be able to show viewers the other sides of me that sometimes can go unnoticed when modeling. I took the approach to just stayed true to who I was, I believe that’s very important. I let the world in on a little piece of my life and I got to share my talents as a designer and business woman.

PRUNE: How did you meet your husband, Larry English?

NICOLE: I met Larry when I first came to LA for modeling work. I was signed to an agency on the west coast and was shooting a few campaigns. While I was out one night at a friends birthday, I met Larry. Funny enough when we actually met I remembered that I had saw him the weekend prior from a distance and thought he was really cute! I was to shy to go up and talk to him the past weekend, so guess it was meant to be I ran into him again!

Has being on a reality television series with Larry impacted your relationship in any way?

I think it definitely brought us closer. We risked a lot by being so vulnerable for the show. It was hard at times because there were days we had to film when we may have been going through some personal things. We had to keep reminding each other that this is what we chose to do and had to push through- So let’s just be REAL! I used to get so mad at him because on camera he was always so quiet and too cool! I sometimes thought it might come off like he didn’t like me! We would even have arguments when the camera crews left about this! The min they left he’s hugging me and trying to be all loving and I’d be like “why don’t you love me on camera!!” It took him a while to warm up to the fact that there are cameras all over our house. But I guess i can’t blame him it’s tough to act normal, when you know you are being watched.

PRUNE: With fame comes a large social media following. When did you first acquire a high volume of followers?

NICOLE: I had a pretty good following before the show but I think that being on E!, as well as being more in the public eye opened me up to meet so many other people and broaden by following.

PRUNE: Do you ever feel pressured to put out a certain type of content?

NICOLE: I don’t really feel pressured because I will immediately know if something isn’t feeling like me. What you see is exactly who I am. I love fashion, food, animals, and my family so I always post those type of stories and photos on my social media. If it doesn’t feel right to me - I won’t post it.

PRUNE: Aside from WAGS, you have your own steady career in modeling and swim. How did you first get into modeling?

NICOLE: I started modeling at a very young age, I was born in Newfoundland Canada, and moved to Toronto when I was 14. I grew up watching my mom work as a seamstress and fell in love with the artistic and creative side of the fashion industry. There wasn’t much opportunity for me to take modeling as serious in Canada, so I decided to make the move to NYC when I was 20 to get serious about working in fashion.

PRUNE: Talk to us about your swimsuit collection, Nia Lynn. 

NICOLE: When I first started modeling in NYC I was doing a lot of work in swimwear and lingerie. I became an expert on recognizing the fit and feel of different items and noticing where I would have made changes if they were my own. I started to sketch my own swimwear and that naturally led me to deciding to start my own line. I am so proud to say, I built my swimwear line NIA LYNN all by myself! Took a long time, but I did it!

PRUNE: What is the inspiration for Nia Lynn swim?

NICOLE: My designer are meant to make women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. I wanted to give women the ability to embrace their bodies —all shapes and sizes.

PRUNE: If you could choose three of your celebrity girl-crushes to star in a campaign for the Nia Lynn Collection, who would you choose?

NICOLE: Hands down -



Cindy Crawford

PRUNE: Two of your close friends, Nat and Liv, are now starring in their own series, Relatively Nat and Liv. Would you ever consider doing your own series as well?

NICOLE: Yes they are! I will be appearing in a few episodes so keep an eye out for me!

I get a lot of people asking me if I would come back to TV with a show about me and Larry all the time. I would love to do something surrounding traveling with Larry. We have such a good time when we travel and I love to experience new places and cultures.

PRUNE: Who would star in a movie about your life?

NICOLE: Penelope Cruz!

PRUNE: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2019?

NICOLE: I have two amazing capsule collections coming out soon! One of them is with an Australian brand which is so exciting because I love my Australian fans! I would love to make a trip out there this year. You can also expect to see more styles and a wider range of designs coming to Nia Lynn. So stay tuned!


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