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Introducing Brooklyn duo Overcoats

C'EST PRUNE: Hana and JJ introduce yourselves to our readers:

Hi! We both live in NYC and together we make up Overcoats. We like to describe our sound as Swedish pop meets Nirvana gritty rock. 

PRUNE: How did you individually first get introduced to music?

JJ: I grew up listening to the Dixie chicks and Amy Winehouse. I mostly sang to myself, very rarely in public until meeting Hana at the age of 18. 

Hana: I grew up with a love for learning instruments; guitar, harp, banjo. And I did some acapella and played in a band in high school. Writing music was always a private thing until meeting JJ in college. 

PRUNE: Did you always know you two would start a band together? How did Overcoats manifest?

We had no clue. We were just friends and did some singing together throughout our four years at college. We tried writing a song together in the spring of our senior year and discovered the magic of it. It felt like something we had to pursue. 

Talk to us about your newest album titled The Fight. What is the inspiration behind this album?

We felt inspired by the many ways in which “fighting” defined the past few years for us. Fights with significant others, fighting one’s own demons, fighting for values that are being challenged by those in power today. We felt that we needed a call to arms, a set of battle cries. 

PRUNE: What are Overcoats 2020 goals?

We want our album to reach as many people as possible. And inspire people to change things, in their own lives and in broader society.

PRUNE: Who inspires you two individually as an artist? Is there anyone/band in the music industry the band looks up to specifically?

We are inspired by so many artists, musical or otherwise. Some of our favorites include Feist, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe, The 1975, Billie Eilish, Simon and Garfunkel. We try to take inspiration from many different art forms. Our band name was actually based on a print by Egon Schiele. 

PRUNE: Dream collaboration?

Hmm. Maybe Flume, St. Vincent, Coldplay? 

PRUNE: What other projects are you currently working on?

We are both visual artists as well, so we’re constantly painting/weaving/drawing. We’re also already working on album 3 (but trying not to get ahead of ourselves).

PRUNE: Anything else readers should know about Overcoats before we go:

Helping people through our music is what is most important to us. Oh, and follow us on Instagram for outfit goals.

PRUNE: Where can we follow you on socials?

@thisisovercoats on Twitter and Instagram! @overcoats on TikTok (you’re gonna wanna check that out).



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