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Halloween and Chill with C'est Prune

It’s October, and therefore it’s officially time for all things spooky. On a crisp, cool, harvest moon night, is there anything better than lighting an apple cider donut candle (titled something like ‘cozy gathering’ no doubt), snuggling under your softest blanket with a mug full of something warm, and creeping yourself out? Of course not. And that’s why we’ve rounded up the best shows and movies to turn to. So, break out the candy corn and maybe a hot toddy, because some of the best horror movies and spooky shows can be found on Netflix and Hulu.

Don’t panic, we’ve done the research and rounded up the best for you. It was tough work.


In the Tall Grass 

New to Netflix only, this film is an adaptation of a horror novella by the King himself, Stephen. A pregnant woman and her brother hear a child’s cry for help in a field of tall grass, and they decide to investigate. Once they enter, the mysterious, evil field has no intention of letting them out of its clutches. It’s a simple premise, but the characters are physically and mentally consumed by being in the tall grass and losing all of their senses. 

If you got lost in a corn maze as a child, I strongly dissuade you from viewing this movie. 


Said to be the film that reinvented slasher movies, Wes Craven’s satirical horror film is a classic. A killer is on the loose, donning the now-infamous ghost-face costume, murdering high school students one-by-one in grisly fashion. What separates pop culture infested Scream from its cliche 70’s and 80’s predecessors is its self-awareness, and ability to include the audiences in on the joke with.


The first of Stephen King’s many works to be adapted for the screen, Sissy Spacek delivers an iconic portrayal of Carrie White, a sensitive, withdrawn teenager who struggles with her progressively developing telekinetic powers while grappling with her relationship to her pious, overbearing, brute of a mother. When she eagerly attends her prom, she is humiliated by her fellow classmates, so she unleashes her powers and lets everyone see what she can really do. 


*Immediately opens selection titled, ‘Huluween’* 

A Quiet Place 

In a post-apocalyptic world, a family must live in silence to hide from creatures that hunt and kill by sound. Real-life husband and wife, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, portray an exhausted and haunted couple who are doing everything in their power to survive and protect their children. Oh and there’s one on the way. You know what’s not silent? Childbirth. 

Rosemary’s Baby 

Don’t only watch it because it’s the mother of horror films (see what I did there?) but because Mia Farrow’s 1960s wardrobe is to die for (I did it again--I can’t stop). 

If you need more reasons, it’s about a picturesque, pregnant housewife who is betrayed by her devil-worshiper husband. 

The Body 

A Hulu original, this thriller highlights the perfect night for getting away with murder; Halloween. Finishing a hit job in the opening scene, our murdering protagonist drags the wrapped body out the front door and is greeted with compliments on his amazing costume and ‘life-like’ prop. What follows is a sequence of laughable but gruesome events while he tries to transport the body 

*Also, for good measure*

If you have watched all of the Friends Halloween episodes this month already, stream Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Hulu and be transported back to the 90's and TGIF at 7 o’clock every Friday night. 

Written by Lauren Bubb

Edited by Dylan Jader





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