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Good Times, No Regrets with Carl Radke

Introducing Carl Radke. The work-hard play-hard fan favorite of Bravo TV's "Summer House" talks career, life on and off of television, and his involvement in alcohol's newest treat, Loverboy.

Dylan: Hey Carl, how are you?

Carl: I’m good, thanks. I’ve been grinding away at Loverboy, a sparkling hard tea. We launched just about four months ago in New York. People don’t always realize that I have been in sales for almost ten years and Kyle [Cooke] has his MBA. I invested in the company, I’ve been running sales and partnerships, which entails a lot of things, but I’ve been running around NYC trying to

A. Get people to continue to buy Loverboy that have already bought it

B. To get new people to buy Loverboy that have not yet bought it

C. Partnerships and events because it's the holiday season here and there’s a lot going on.

So yeah, that’s how I’m doing.

Dylan: For our readers who may not be familiar with you, give us a quick bit about yourself.

Carl: My name is Carl Radke, I am a 34-year-old salesman and investor, filmmaker, entrepreneur, jack-of-all-trades, master of none. I’ve been in New York for five years, but I’m most known for being a part of Bravo TV’s “Summer House”. Our fourth season is premiering Wednesday, February 5th at 9pm EST, new night and new time. We have a better time slot, which is huge, and that is definitely how most people know me, but I do a lot of things.

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Dylan: As you mentioned, “Summer House” is returning for Season Four, and before we get into the content, how happy are you to be back for another season?

Carl: It’s exciting. It’s so rewarding to know that Bravo sees what we are. We are real New York people that work our asses off during the week, we obviously let loose and party on the weekends but we earn it, we deserve it. I think our show survived because people like seeing the hustle, the fight, the grind. It’s not like another show about those who came into money, or a bunch of rich kids, our show revolves around the hard NYC lifestyle. It’s a blessing, but also a “here we go again” feeling. You become vulnerable, there’s a lot of things you’re forced to open up about. Some can be good for your career, some can be bad. I’ve definitely taken a lot of heat about my personal life and who I am as a person, so it is a little scary too.

Dylan: Do people make a lot of assumptions about you based off what they see on TV?

Carl: People definitely make a lot of assumptions about you based on thousands and thousands of hours of footage, condensed into 42 minutes. I’m not even in all 42 minutes, and people think they know me. In a way, it’s great, that’s what makes reality TV one of the more popular mediums. People like something where they can either identify with you, or feel better about themselves in life because they’re not as screwed up as we are.

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Dylan: It appears we have some new members in the house, what can you tell us about your new cast mates without giving away too much?

Carl: We’ve got two new people. One is a guy named Luke, he’s 35-years-old, a model, really good looking Brad Pitt-vibes guy. He’s a very good addition to the house, and honestly it’s nice to have another single guy because Kyle is engaged to Amanda and I’ve been the only consistent single dude - we’ve had some shuffling of the males - but I’ve been the only one that has stayed so it’s nice to have someone else around. We have a new female, Jules (Julia), she’s a younger girl, really cool, works in social media. She’s a good addition, it’s fun to have a new female in the house but I think it’s also hard when you enter a house of people you don’t know too well. I didn’t know her before, but she did know Jordan and Hannah.

Dylan: The trailer does not hold back with the steamy moments, many that include you and your cast mate Lindsay (Hubbard). What can you tell us about that?

Carl: That is what trailers are intended to do, they get you to watch. The stuff that is teased, be warned, it’s not quite as it seems.

Dylan: Yes, absolutely. Overall, what can we expect from this season?

Carl: You’ll see some more growth in many of us. Loverboy is a very big part of our life now, and Kyle and Amanda spend a lot of their hard-earned dollars self-funding it. We raise money for the company, and I invested and joined the company, so I think you’ll see some of that. You’ll see some really epic house parties, the best we’ve ever had happened this summer. Kyle’s birthday, Labor Day, we had some really amazing parties and anyone who does go to the Hamptons will tell you they’ve never partied like that before. The themes, the level of debauchery, the fun, that is the whole point. You’re not going out there to read a book on the beach, some people may do the Hamptons like that, but not us.

Dylan: It’s like a sorority/frat mixer, adult style?

Carl: Yeah, I mean again, when you work your ass off in New York Monday-Friday, and anyone who lives here knows how hard the grind is, you literally want to be with your best friends and go get drunk and have fun on the weekends. Enjoy the fruits of your hard earned labor. I’m not going to be doing this until I’m 40, but I’m probably going to be doing this for the next couple of years and I will certainly not feel bad about it.

Dylan: This has been the theme of our conversation thus far, but outside of the show, you’re heavily involved with Kyle [Cooke] and Amanda [Batula]’s brand, Loverboy. Talk to me more about your role, and how the brand officially came to life. We saw it pan out a bit at the end of last season, but I’m sure we’ll see it even more this season.

Carl: You’ll see a lot more this season for sure. I’ve been with Kyle since the genesis of being on a show that revolves around having fun and partying, and if you really pay attention we’re drinking certain alcohol on TV, and we weren’t really that happy with the alcohol we were drinking. I’m a pretty fit guy, and I want to look good on camera and have a six pack, and I think Kyle is even worse than me as far as his diet. In a previous season, he launched a nutrition app, and he’s always been focused on the “better for you” concept. So, he launched a beverage that is zero sugar, 90 calories, low carbs, gluten free and organic. He wanted to launch something that was for us, but also built for success on the market. Everyone else is drinking the spiked sodas, and it fits hand in hand. Secondarily, there is a famous band from the 80s called Loverboy, and their hit song is called “Working for the Weekend”, and that is exactly what we do. I’ve joined the team in a sales and partnerships capacity, I invested. It made perfect sense. I forced my way in there, because I wanted to be a part of it, and I am very passionate. There is no one else more fit for the role than me.

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Dylan: I think people often forget when watching reality TV that you are all real people, with real lives outside of the house off-camera. When you’re not filming all summer, where are

you career-wise? What is a normal day for you?

Carl: Yeah, I’ve done a lot of different things. I’ve invested in some film projects over the years - I went to Syracuse for TV and film - I’ve always been passionate about creative. I’ve always wanted to be in the position where if someone has a script or a film they are hoping to bring to life, I want to be able to invest in it or tell them I love it and be a part of it. About five years ago I invested in a movie, which we originally took and turned into a documentary to show the real narrative of what the movie would be about, and the documentary was in the Tribeca Film Festival. It’s called Silo: Edge of the Real World. We used the documentary to raise money about the feature scripted film with the same story, but we took some dramatic liberties to make a movie of it. The movie is currently being screened in all sorts of film festivals throughout the US. We just won a prize at the Kansas City Film Festival. The reason that we are in these different film festivals is because the movie is about a small town farm, and surprisingly there are a lot of farmers in the United States but nobody makes movies about them. Where does your food come from? Farm. A lot of people talk about “farm to table” but don’t talk about the farm itself. It’s a real story about small towns, and the families that run these farms. It also focuses on the safety involved, and the reality is a lot of people get injured or killed on farms working in silos, working on tractors, whatever it might be. That is a huge focus of mine, and then I’m also an investor at a bar in NYC called Kind Regards. I’ve been doing some Instagram influencing, working with different brands, and then I consult on the side.

Dylan: Now for some fun questions that our readers are dying to know. If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be?

Carl: I don’t know if she’ll read this, but I hope she does. Banks, the singer. Her mom is a huge fan of Summer House, and her mom DMed me. I didn’t respond, because I didn’t realize who it was, and then I got a DM from Banks herself trying to get me to respond to her mom. Ironically, I’m a huge fan of Banks, so I would love to go on a date with her. I’ve never met her, and she doesn’t watch the show, but I would love to go on a date with her.

Dylan: What Bravo show can you not resist binge watching besides Summer House, if any?

Carl: I think Southern Charm is hilarious. I know the guys, Shep, Austin, and Craig very well. I actually met Shep before I even started on Bravo from some mutual friends. Once you know the guys that well, and you know the operation of being involved in a Bravo show, I find it very humorous to watch. Shep is incredibly smart, and it’s funny to watch the things he says on TV, knowing him in real life.

Dylan: And my final question for you, is there anything else you’d like readers to know about you?

Carl: Drink Loverboy! Good times, no regrets. No stress, more life. Look out for Loverboy,

and if all things go well, look out for Silo in a theater near you.



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