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From Paris to LA, Meet 'Fantasy' Designer Romain Thevenin Paris

C'EST PRUNE: How did you first get into the art of fashion? Talk to us about your brand

Romain Thevenin Paris:

ROMAIN THEVENIN: From my youngest age, I was immediately attracted by creation in all its forms, with time and curiosity I start to get interested in art.

PRUNE: How would you describe your brand and accessories?

ROMAIN: My brand is rather eccentric, fetish and glamorous. I like to be inspired by science fiction and fantastic

Grey Silk Kimono: Ten Eleven @tenelevenmen

PRUNE: Talk to us about experimenting with nontraditional materials such as

metal. What is the inspiration behind your esthetic?

ROMAIN: I like to use unconventional materials, to manipulate new materials in order to bring out something new. I am inspired by things that I love and that reminds me of good memories. I translate my emotions a lot through my art. My latest collection was inspired my the video game Mortal Kombat.

PRUNE: Who inspires you as an artist? Is there anyone/band in the fashion

industry you look up to specifically?

ROMAIN: I like lots of brands but I avoid looking too much at other people's work to focus on my own creations. my inspirations come from my person.

PRUNE: You have worked with a number of celebrities, who is your dream


ROMAIN: Today I have collaborated with several celebrities, mostly French, who are gradually allowing me to grow. I am also lucky to be supported by The Archives & Showroom who will help me this year to present my work to the greatest stylist in the world. today my dream will be to be able to settle in Los Angeles to continue my business and dress stars like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, ...

PRUNE: Talk to us about a memorable moment when you first saw your clothing

and accessories on a celebrity:

ROMAIN: My best memory is when I met and dressed Aya Nakamura, a famous french singer or when i was contacted by the stylist of Cardi B to be her taylor during Paris fashion week, I was so nervous to meet her.

PRUNE: What is your biggest tip to someone looking to get into the fashion


ROMAIN: With ambition and courage I think everyone can succeed and make their dreams come true.

PRUNE: What other projects are you currently working on?

ROMAIN: I work on a lot of projects, fashion movie, editorial magazine, i am stylist and fashion designer so I have always a big planning and my secret project is to take some rest.

PRUNE: Anything else readers should know about you before we go:

ROMAIN: Stay connected, you only saw the beginning. My head is full of ideas and I still have a lot of creations to make

PRUNE: Where can we follow you on socials?

ROMAIN: You can follow me and ship on my Instagram @romaintheveninparis and my website is always update with all my work



EIC: Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

Entertainment Editor: Dylan Rubinstein @thedylanjader

ED: Andrea Allison @_andrea_allison

Photographer: Malaika Mariejeanne @Studio_MLK

Stylist x Brand: Romain Thevenin @romaintheveninparis

Model : Daddy Onicks @daddyonicks





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