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#FringeBenefits LaurDIY aka Millennial Martha Stewdizzle, serves Rhiannon vibes for our latest cover

PRUNE: How did you first get your start in YouTube?

LAUREN: I actually started a blog first as a creative outlet during college. It was my escape away from the program I was desperately trying to find distraction from. I eventually transitioned over to videos and here we are now! It’s been almost 8 years now and since then, we’ve amassed over 9 million YouTube subscribers and I’ve moved from Toronto CA to LA to be closer to my industry.

PRUNE: Have you always been creative?

LAUREN: I’ve definitely always loved crafting and personalization. Looking back, I realized that it wasn’t as normal as I thought to spend hours on end decorating my binders and backpacks, or cutting up t-shirts at the rate that I did. I’ve always loved making homemade gifts as well, so my family has a whole collection of DIY gifts that date back as early as age 4 or 5.

PRUNE: When did you first begin to gain a following? Was there a specific turning point, or was it a gradual steady growth?

LAUREN:It’s been a gradual steady growth with the odd peak if a video hits a random burst of views.

PRUNE: How would you describe your channel to viewers who have never watched?

LAUREN: It started as more of a tutorial based DIY platform and evolved into a young adult’s lifestyle channel for sure. I’ve opened up and shared much more of my life in recent years and produced content that aims to entertain while also inspire.

PRUNE: The YouTube community is growing daily and becoming more and more over saturated. How do you stand out and keep your channel unique? 

LAUREN: I think the moment you decide that “you need to be unique” is actually where things fall apart for a lot of creators. YouTube is such a special platform because it’s truly about embracing who you are and sharing that with others who can relate or enjoy your content.

PRUNE: What has been your greatest career accomplishment to date?

LAUREN: Some of my most note-worthy (and I truly can’t emphasize how incredibly lucky I am to have received and been apart of these opportunities) are being dubbed the “Millennial Martha Stewart” by Forbes, having billboards and commercials all across North America, getting product placement for the LaurDIY brand at stores like Target, Forever 21 and Walmart Canada and working with incredible brands like Fanta, Starbucks, Spotify, Best Buy, Google and Tik Tok.

PRUNE: What advice do you have for those looking to enter the YouTube community?

LAUREN: Make content because you enjoy making content.

PRUNE: What is your favorite channel to binge watch?

LAUREN: My boyfriend and I are die-hard David Dobrik/Vlog Squad fans, we’re not allowed to watch a new video without the other person - it’s as serious as Netflix watching for us.

PRUNE: Dream video collab?

LARUEN: I’d be so down to DIY with the Marvel crew, Tony Stark, Spidey or Thor are personal favs. I love bringing people who don’t have a lot of experience crafting and taking them out of their element and into my world - it’s always an entertaining cross over for fans. 

PRUNE: Where can we follow you on social?

LARUEN: @laurDIY !,,



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