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PRUNE: At only 18, you essentially have 18 years of modeling and acting experience. What was it like to grow up with these goals and huge dreams?

EMMA: For me, it just feels normal to dream big. My parents encouraged me to follow my dreams at a young age and have supported me in everything. It’s so important to me that kids know how much potential they have! I’m just a girl from Texas who dreamed of bigger things, and through so much hard work and commitment, I dreamed myself all the way to Los Angeles. 

PRUNE: You have worked with renowned actors and actresses such as Morgan Freeman, Paul Rudd, and Drew Barrymore.  What was that like?

EMMA: It’s all a giant learning experience for me! I try to soak up as much as I can from all of the amazing and successful people I work with. I’ve been so blessed to have not had a single bad experience with anyone I’ve worked with - they’ve all been lovely. 

PRUNE: What actors or actresses were the most influential to you?

EMMA: There are too many to name, but I do have to acknowledge the wonderful women that I’ve worked with that have really shown me the way in this industry. One of which being Virginia Madsen who I worked with on The Magic Of Belle Isle. She taught me that there is more to being an actor than just acting, such as creating a healthy and happy work environment for when we aren’t filming and also, something I think is the most important, giving back to those less fortunate. She took us (her 3 film daughters) to a food bank where we all donated food. That moment really stuck with me and I have continued to do that. For example, in Africa while filming Blended, all the kids in the cast went to a children’s orphanage and hung out with the kids as well as went to a local South African store and bought things they needed. 

PRUNE: The Avengers franchise has become so popular and beloved by fans; what was it like to be involved in such an anticipated and praised film?

EMMA: The fans have been so welcoming to me and it has been so great to share my love for the MCU with them! It’s an honor to be a part of the Marvel family and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. 

PRUNE: Before your casting, were you a fan of the Marvel comics and the cinematic universe?

EMMA: Let’s just say becoming a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has turned me into the super-fan I am today! 

PRUNE: What was it like playing a role so close to the ageless Paul Rudd?

EMMA: Gosh, I wish I had those genes. He’s such a great scene partner and it was an honor to work with him. I had been a fan of him since I saw him in Friends and Clueless, so I am happy to share that he is everything I wanted him to be and more! 

PRUNE: You work with multiple non-profits for meaningful causes.  What do these organizations mean to you?

EMMA: I am the Alzheimer Association’s longest running celebrity champion and I am so proud to help them in their fight to End Alzheimer’s! My grandmother died of Alzheimer’s when I was younger, and ever since I have wanted to do anything I could to help them find a cure. I am also passionate about animals and have a close relationship with the wonderful people at The Gentle Barn who rehabilitate animals, and use what the animals have overcome to help struggling inner city children and teens who have never been to a farm. Trust me, it sounds crazy but, one hug from a cow and your heart is healed! 

PRUNE: As a young woman in Hollywood, you have so much opportunity and adventure in front of you.  What are you most looking forward to next?

EMMA: I just love working on sets. I am so lucky to be someone who loves their job. I love so much stepping into other people’s shoes and becoming someone else - it’s a surreal experience. I’m looking forward to being able to share my next project!  

PRUNE: On a more personal note, what are you super into right now?

EMMA: I love cooking and baking!! I bake gluten-free, without refined sugar treats. I also love a home cooked meal. I like to know exactly what ingredients are in my food so cooking at home helps me do that! Besides food, I’ve been busy making You Tube videos that help the fans get to know me better such as skin routines, exercise routines, premiere GRWM, baking videos and my 4th Ask Emma that just came out on my channel! 

PRUNE: Where can the people follow you? 

EMMA: Instagram: @emmafuhrmann

Twitter: @emmafuhrmann

Facebook: @EmmaCFuhrmann

YouTube:  @EmmaFuhrmann

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