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Introducing Dancer and Day-Walker Destroyer Danay Garcia. A Cuban Transplant who has made her break on AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead"

Prune: You were born in Cuba and moved to the U.S. at age 19. What pushed you to move?

Danay: I moved to be near my family who was already in the U.S.

Prune: Your passion for being onstage started at a young age, and by your teenage years you were a classically trainer ballerina. Talk to me about dance, and how it shaped your youth years.

Danay: I was actually a very shy child. My mother had an impulse to take me to dance class; I think she felt that if I danced with other children that I might become more outgoing. Not only did I become more outgoing, but I fell in love with the process of dance. I loved the long rehearsal days, the anticipation of a recital, the smell of the theater, the magic of the performance, the overwhelming feeling of the audience's applause and the last second when the curtains close you are on a dark stage. Believe it or not, I even liked the bleeding toes and body pains. What I loved the most was returning to class after a big performance and acting like nothing happened because you realize you have so much more to learn.

Prune: Dance gently transitioned into acting, and here you are today. Talk to us about your early career in acting, and the path you took to success. 

Danay: When I turned 15, I realized dance was a short career and I love to challenge myself. I didn't like the idea of that ever ending. So a friend recommended theater. I'll never forget my first theater class. In dance you tell a story with your body but in theater you tell a story with you voice and your body and there is a live audience ready to receive it. I didn't think it was easy at all! It terrified me. But in the middle of that fear, the little dance warrior in me showed up and I basically applied the same training I learned in dance to theater. I became passionately curious about characters and storytelling. And I haven't stop ever since. 

Prune: Fans first got acquainted with you on the hit show, "Prison Break." Talk to us about your role, and how this show shaped your career path.

Danay: “Prison Break” I learned what it’s like to work on a set and the family you create when you work away from home. It was pretty amazing to love your co-workers like family. I also got a better understanding of the power of storytelling. It was such a popular show and our fans were so invested in the story and characters. It was really the first introduction to show business for me and I'm forever grateful that I had the privilege to be part of that adventure. 

Prune: We now see you on AMC's "Fear The Walking Dead," a prequel to the hit show, "The Walking Dead." How would you explain this show to a reader who has never watched?

Danay: FTWD is the apocalypse; it's a show that takes you down to the basics. It truly questions your morality, your skills to survive, your priorities, your maturity, your common sense and it certainly makes you confront your deepest fears. I love the fact that in the apocalypse money has no value, technology is out of the picture and material things aren't a priority. It's a show that puts you in touch with both your bright and dark sides. 

Prune: Talk to us about your character, Luciana. 

Danay: Luciana is a Latina warrior. She represents hope, strength, power and womanhood. She is a character who pushes boundaries, is fearless and is not afraid to fail. It's wonderful for me to play a character that is put to the test in high stakes circumstance and still be a role model to for the audience. 

Prune: Which FTWD character do you relate to most in real life?

Danay: Honestly, I would pick Luciana. She is someone who faces challenges and while her main focus is survival, she still has compassion for others. Luciana is complex in certain ways, but also simple when it comes to right and wrong, or good and bad. She has morals and respect for herself and others.

Prune: What else do you want fans to know about Danay?

Danay: I guess I would like people to know how committed I am to telling compelling stories that have the potential to impact the world. I think movies and television have to power to get people to think and see things from different perspectives. If I can be part of that and create some sort of positive change in the world, I would be very satisfied.

Prune: What is your favorite song to belt out in the car?

Danay: I love "Despacito," by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi. The song is about a man courting a woman. It had such an impact on Latino music and I heard it even attracted more people to visit Puerto Rico.

Prune: Favorite show (that you have not starred in) to binge watch?

Danay: “Stranger Things.” Season 3 was amazing.

Prune: Favorite fashion trend for Fall 2019?

Danay: I love high-waisted pants. I am also really into vintage clothing. I’m not sure if that is a trend at the moment, but my closet is filled with treasures I have curated from various vintage clothing shops around the world.

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