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Coverage from The 2019 Lionhearted Hero Award Event

The Lionhearted Hero award is a necessary award and experience that had it’s debut ceremony this past “National Coming Out Day”, October 19th: An award of Kindness and inspiration, to an individual shining with advocacy in the LGBTQI community.

Centered in Los Angeles at the museum Flutter, an interactive art exhibit on La Brea Ave. Social Rebel Agency, put on a moving show with one of the most striking, rainbow stages that I have ever seen, which also poised purpose as a Coming Out Runway. What more could a Q ask for?

Guests and hosts enjoyed an Open Wine Bar by Sweetzer Cellars, Vybes CBD Drink, and Boxed Water, which gave an eco friendly safe space for all to let the hair down.

One of the many highlights of the event was Social Ecxperiment, A growing apparel brand that's been surging with popularity, thanks to their tiktok fanbase

  " It only feels right to me to donate all profits earned through Social Ecxperiment to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as I have come to recognize that the importance of the mental stability and security of adolescents in the United States as well as worldwide is an issue whose severity is ever too frequently overlooked. Having firsthand experiences as well as hearing the stories of others has instilled within me the obligation of doing whatever I can in my power to help other teens to overcome such personally pressing endeavors during such a vulnerable and pivotal point in their lifetimes. It is my goal to not only raise money, but more prominently awareness regarding the importance of shining light upon situations which typically are confined to the deepest depths of the individual themselves, often leading them to feel trapped and alone with no way out. Social Ecxperiment is a brand committed to embracing the uniquity of every individual and fully endorses the opportunity to help and provide aid to any person who is in the pursuit of discovering their own personal happiness and wellbeing." 

Tito Bonito started the show for National Coming Out Day with a jaw dropping strip tease number to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.

Tears and Cheers roared from the Lionhearted crowd for the cute duo called “The Blakes“ as they each separately shared their coming out stories.

Kolby Keene, a young model we've had our eye on and posted about back in April at The High Fashion Runway event, presented a moving experience as he read a poem and his stage partner, Jonsugi freestyle danced to it.

The Lionhearted Heroes award presented on behalf of C’est Prune was a custom made LionHearted Crown and Choker made by Kenny KG a celebrity fashion designer most recently seen on Kathy Griffin for our featured October Cover, was presented and given to Muneca a quick rising Drag queen that debuted drag this year in January.

When Muneca was booked to work the event she was unaware that she had been invited for the purpose of surprising her with an award. Friends of Muneca came to support and hid flowers to give her. Muneca told us "...To see my hard-work paying off [and for] people to see me for who I am and what i have to bring, only inspires me to be part of the community more and do what I love which is entertain."

The Emcee and Host David July, Social Rebel Agency, when announcing the award, shared that while he was scouting events he found every time he was at Muneca’s events she wasn't at there was a fan who or supporter who expressed how Muneca was the nicest person they had ever met or how their support for her exponentially grew when meeting how sincere and kind she was.  The theme song of the event ”See Me" By Nick Metos closed the party with lyrics displayed on a projector, leaving all guests with a loving, self fulfilling message.





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