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Ciara Brady is That You? Introducing "Days of Our Lives Actress" Victoria Konefal

C'EST PRUNE: Victoria Konefal please introduce yourselves to our readers:

VICTORIA KONEFAL: What’s up guys! I’m Victoria Konefal. Born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y with a passion for creativity, food, fitness and animals. You can most likely find me on the beach at sunset playing fetch with my pup, drinking a cup of hazelnut coffee with some mood music playing in the background. Hopefully, I’ll also be reading an awesome script that I’m about to work on!

PRUNE: At what age did you start acting? Who inspired you to start acting? Any acting pointers you would like to share with our audience?

VICTORIA: I started acting at seven years old. Many icons inspired me to pursue my journey but ultimately my inspiration stemmed from watching my first play and being absolutely mesmerized by the story that unfolded before my eyes. I fell in love with the craft the moment I knew it was a possibility, but actresses like Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman were my heroes growing up.

My biggest acting pointer is to try and stay true to the moment as much as possible. It’s a lot easier said than done, but once you find comfort and confidence in being yourself, the rest is sure to follow.

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PRUNE: What are your 2020 goals? Career and life?

In 2020 I’m hoping to work on a film that really excites me and fulfills my artistic side. I don’t like setting a timeline for goals because it creates this sort of pressure that doesn’t necessarily benefit me. If the goals aren’t achieved in time, one might feel disappointed and inadequate. I just set goals for life and work hard to make them happen.

PRUNE: Day's of Our Lives has been on air since 1965 with a list of celebrities that got their first big break on the famous soap opera show. Who was your favorite actor or actress to debut on Day's of Our Lives?

VICTORIA: Mila Kunis played the younger version of my mom on the show. I think that’s pretty spectacular. Jensen Ackles is also one of my favorites.

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PRUNE: We see you are busy playing Ciara Brady on Days of Our Lives. Talk to us about the role of Ciara:

VICTORIA: Ciara is a feisty, confident woman who knows what she wants. I truly admire that about her. She’s been through a terrible ordeal in life (as most soap characters have) and somehow always manages to stay positive and kind and exude love in all that she does.

PRUNE: Do you relate to “Ciara Brady”?

VICTORIA: I would say that I definitely do, and if anything I aspire to have her resilience. She’s one badass chick.

PRUNE: If you had the opportunity to cast with your celebrity crush who would it be? Which film genre would you act with your crush and why?

VICTORIA: I would love to star in a film with Shia LaBeouf. I find creativity extremely attractive, and every film of his leaves me breathless. He’s so talented and I would love to see what he brings out in me as an actress. I also just watched “Honey Boy” and 10/10 recommend watching this film. It’s brilliant all the way around.

PRUNE: What other projects are you currently working on for 2020?

VICTORIA: As of right now I’m auditioning and working on myself. Nothing is set in stone, as this industry is 90% waiting for the next gig. I’m just using this time for self-improvement and growth. I’m exploring new hobbies and finding new loves.

PRUNE: Anything else readers should know about you before we go:

VICTORIA: Nothing really! Just that I hope whoever reads this has an awesome day with great energy and great food.

PRUNE: Where can we follow you on socials?

VICTORIA: I deleted my Facebook years ago, but my Instagram and Twitter handle are both @victoriakonefal

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