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The Vaping Gun

By Sean K. DeMarco

with inserts in italic by Editor in Chief, MSM

527 mass shooting fatalities and 6 deaths from vapes in 2019.*Trump Reforms my mango pods but keeps AR-15s?

Toddy Smith shot by Mike Ruiz for C'est Prune titled "No Fear in LA"

“Teen Says He Was Left With Lungs Of 70-Year-Old From Vaping” or “A sixth person died from vaping-related lung disease” its really hard to be on social media within the last several weeks without reading about it or seeing a news video about the over 450 individuals and 6 teenagers who have now died after people have becoming randomly becoming ill in the hospital. These teenagers have experienced “pneumonia like symptoms” from 33 of the 50 states states across the USA after most admitting to vaping. 

95% of E cigarettes are produced in China with JUUL being one of the most popular E- Cigarettes in the world.


November 13 2018 Juul's Instagram announced it would no longer update it's grid and that its new mission was to improve the lives of its one billion adult smokers...ironically not its Vape community.

Approximately a month later (27 days to be exact) it is announced that 35% of Juul's business was purchased by Altria Group, Inc. (previously known as Philip Morris Companies, Inc.) for 12 billion being labeled “the biggest investment ever in the U.S. venture- backed company”. It typically takes a business transaction of this magnitude up to 5-9 months. Juul's cute little update to improve the lives of “its“ smokers seems to have been part of a bigger plan.

At the time Juul Labs was the sixth-most valuable US startup in as of last year just , behind Uber and Air B and B. Juul’s revenue in 2018 was over $1 billion, up from approximately $245 million in 2017. With current revenue as of September 2019 being estimated at $2 billion. Yet, The Bigger picture was from The Big Tobacco company who plotted out to take down its biggest threat "Juul" and get everyone smoking cigs again.

Is this it for Juul and E- Cigarettes? After the recent 6 deaths so far the Trump administration decided to ban all flavored cartridges across all 50 states in September 2019 only allowing people to have the opportunity to buy Tobacco flavored. (The least desired pod of any pod.)

There has been a wide reaction from some individuals not quite understanding how this administration could take such swift actions even before having all of the evidence. Are these deaths and illness just a coincidence or is there a link? Was there just a bad delivery? Was this part of a bigger plan to Make Cigs Great Again and take heat off The Trump Regime regarding gun control?? What about the 527** mass shooting victims from this year alone? So many questions and so few answers.

It seems that the reaction to the Trump Administration ban is very mixed from actual smokers within the “Vaping Community” and “E Cigarette smokers” the conspiracies have already started to rise within comments online. Some individuals who vape state they will continue to buy the product online and if they are taken off from sites such as E-bay they will then resort to the black market. Many believe this is just population control because now that filtered cigarettes sales have gone the down the government wants E- Cigarette smokers to switch to actual cigarettes, which in return are more dangerous and smoking cigarettes will become popular again. 

One thing is for certain if this is true it would simply be due to nicotine withdraws because according to statistics most individuals who vape have actually never tried smoking an actual cigarette in there life like Camel Cigarettes or KOOL’s and exclusively smoke E-Cigarettes. Some individuals on the contrary have expressed that this is very scary and that they have already thrown out there E- Cigarettes. Others are somewhat on the fence about this issue stating that they have using E-Cigarette has been an alternative and have actually cut down on actual cigarettes and now are upset because they could just smoke an actual cigarette rather than buying pods because actual cigarettes are cheaper. 

Regardless one thing has been prevalent and that actual action can be done if the President really wanted on other issues such as gun reform. The Trump administration was quick to ban all flavored cartridges..except for Virginia Tobacco. If Vaping is really more of a threat than mass shootings why not ban all of the flavors including tobacco? We don’t even like tobacco flavor. Take that one too, but please give us gun reform. I’ll go back on Chantix and gain 10 pounds again. Just please Dear God, save us from these shootings.

Some of Trumps critics and supporters have joined together and actually praised the president on both isles for actually taking authority to protect Americans and the American children which leaves many to believe that this is all a political tactic to make Trump look like the “hero” to our youth.

This prohibition is a dictator like move one user wrote on Facebook [in a vaping comment thread] revealing that if we allow this to happen that it would take us back to the 1920’s when alcohol was illegal. People still found a way to get their hands on it.

However most are wondering why has this administration been so quick to take action, yet allow actual cigarette makers the opportunity to still be able to continue to sell which are even more dangerous.

It's really going to be interesting to see what comes about of this ban. Will it help with minors who smoke? Not likely.

Will it lead to a decrease in nicotine smoking across the board? Certainly not.

Will cigarette sales increase and profit from this?  They already have.

One thing I think we can all agree on, is that America is doing its best to keep our youth.... safe

**At the time of print, we have had 527 mass shooting fatalities and 6 deaths from vapes in 2019.**





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