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MODEL CITIZEN: Serigne lam

C'est Prune: How did you first get into the modeling business?

Serigne: I was always approached by scouts from the minute I arrived in New York but I decided to work with André Cowan from Gnetics Management when he approached me in the subway on my way to school. We had a meeting with his team at their offices and I decided to give it a go.

C'est Prune: What sets you apart from other models?

Serigne: I would say my Genes LOL! Definitely, have to thank my parents for this gift also I have the perfect fit for the Luxury brands and I work hard to make sure I am bringing the designers' vision to life so customers can enjoy the clothing when they wear them. And I think people love my walk.

Leather Trim Collar-Less Blazer By Victor Li

Slim-Fit Cargo Pant By Victor Li

Classic Button Down Shirt By Victor Li

Harness + Cuff By Zana Bayne

Kin Peak Lapel Relaxed Suit By Necessity Sense

Geoff Double Layer Trouser By Necessity Sense

Button down shirt by Hugo Boss

Harness & Belt By Zana Bayne

Jersey Blazer By Victor Li Jersey Trouser By Victor Li Blue Graphic Button Down By Victor Li

Harness By Zana Bayne

C'est Prune: Biggest moment in your career thus far?

Serigne: OMG, there have been so many amazing moments, but the biggest so far is the opportunity to work with Kim Jones and Lucy Beeden and the entire Dior family. It really does feel like a family when I work with them and I am excited about the future work we have in store.

C'est Prune: Favorite designer of 2019?

Serigne: That's a tough one so many great collections this year, favorite Designer would definitely be Kim Jones at DIOR and Muiccia Prada at PRADA, they are both innovators and creates designs and sets that excites people and that to me is Awesome!

C'est Prune: Favorite show you've ever walked in?

Serigne: The favorite show was the Versace SS 20, always wanted to walk for Versace and Donatella. Versace is always sexy and great energy had so much fun on the runway, excited to walk for Versace again.

C'est Prune: Dream designer to walk for?

Serigne: I already walked for them Prada, Gucci, Dior, Versace, Balmain, Valentino so my dream is to continue working with them as I love their designs and the energy of the shows.

Suit By Wan Hung Harness By Zana Bayne

White Button Down Shirt By Theory

Shirt By Salvatore Ferragamo Jacket + Pants By Bobby Day

Harness by Zana Bayne

Top By Wan Hung Suit With Shorts By Wan Hung

(2) Harnesses By Zana Bayne

C'est Prune: Outside of modeling, what other passions do you have?

Serigne: I love Football/Soccer and I am pretty good at it too lol, I would be a soccer player If I wasn't modeling maybe I can do both. Also, I am very passionate about Humanity and freedom for everyone.

C'est Prune: Fun fact most people don't know about you?

Serigne: Most people don't know that I am a twin, yep I have a twin sister really beautiful

C'est Prune: Favorite summer fashion trend?

Serigne: Favorite summer trend is the short shorts like mid-thigh, its super humid in NY so it's always a plus to have those

Suit + Shirt By Jiayue Hazel Ge

Harness By Zana Bayne

C'est Prune: What is your next vacation destination?

Serigne: Obsessed with Dubai or Egypt so definitely planning on taking a trip there

C'est Prune: Favorite TV show to binge-watch?

Serigne: The Flash, I could watch that all day LOL!

C'est Prune: Choice karaoke song?

Serigne: This is new for me will let you know when I try one lol!

C'est Prune: Where can we follow you on social?

Serigne: IG:@serigne_lam

Shirt By Krammer & Stoudt 2. Jacket By Wan Hung

Roger Dropped Double Layer Suspender Trouser By Necessity Sense

Harness + Red Cuff By Zana Bayne



Creative Direction & Photographer:

Mike Ruiz,,

Instagram: @mikeruizone

Model: Sergine Lam Fashion Stylist: Alison Hernon at Agency Gerard Artists, Instagram: @718blonde

Groomer: Marc Cornwall, Instagram: @marc_cornwall Assistant Fashion Stylist: Carly Mulhearn, Instagram: @carlymulhearn

EIC: Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

ED: Andrea Allison @_andrea_allison

EE/Interview: Dylan Rubinstein @thedylanjader





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