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No Fear in LA with Toddy Smith

C’EST PRUNE: How did you first get into content creating?

TODDY: Like any curious and creative kid, I was “making content” before social media. But it wasn’t until Instagram came out that I had a space to share it. The origins are innocent and silly. My best friend, Scott Sire, and I would just have fun with our cameras, taking pictures in his mom’s clothes for ‘mom’s clothes monday’ (a hashtag that never took off despite our persistence) and recording goofy videos in his stepdad’s bar.

C’EST PRUNE: You gained fame on Vine. How did fans first take notice to your videos?

TODDY: My “fame” (emphasis on the quotes) on Vine originated from helping Scott with his vision for his videos. Most videos involved us taking our shirts off and acting ten years younger than we were. But after some time helping him, I found my own groove and started recording stuff of my own.

C’EST PRUNE: Today, you have over 1M subscribers on YouTube. What can people expect from a Toddy Smith video?

TODDY: I started out posting vlogs, but I didn’t really know where I wanted to go from there. Eventually I found fulfillment in posting slower, more intimate videos. Over the past year, I started a series called “just the diaries”, which is a mini-series that features my friends and their “Drama.” It’s a mockumentary-style fictionalized account of our personal life

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C’EST PRUNE: Outside of the YouTube community, you model and act. Talk to us about your current projects.

TODDY: Outside of YouTube I do act, as well as Instagram model for now…other than that, I play piano, which is a really exciting challenge I get to immerse myself into that isn’t directly related to work. It’s also a practice that’s opened new doors for me. Playing piano gave me the opportunity to play in my best friends band and tour with him and see the world. (We have an upcoming tour in the Fall with Live Nation.) Another passion of mine is writing micro-fiction, which I've been doing for quite a few years. This too had innocent and silly origins, with my first stories appearing as Instagram captions. Like most of what I’ve done so far, that practice has grown into a bit of an art project itself.

C’EST PRUNE: You are finishing your debut book. Talk to us about this process and the story itself.

TODDY: I’m wrapping up my debut book with my writing partner and long-time close friend, Darren Nuzzo. This started years ago when we were both hundreds of miles away sending each other stories for fun, building off what the other person wrote. These stories were our way of coming together and living in the same world while living 700 miles apart. But the book didn’t start to take shape until years later. We started mythologizing our diary entries, taking a pen to old pages and turning mundane days into something more meaningful. My diary became my art project. And it grew from there into short stories, comics, poetry, philosophical ramblings, etc. I think readers can expect a new way of reading, one that fits more with how we consume art and media today. It’s still everything we love about literature, but it’s been molded by modernity, I guess. I want there to be moments where it feels like you’re scrolling through Twitter or you’re drunk at a comedy gig, but also moments where it feels like you’re at an art gallery or the library.

C’EST PRUNE: You recently toured with Scotty Sire. Talk to us about the tour and your music.

TODDY: The Ruin Your Party tour was a crazy experience. I didn’t grow up playing music but I always had an overwhelming passion for it. I always daydreamed about being on stage. And now it’s happening. From playing venues to touring with the guys; it was all a wonderful dream. I’m using that word a lot: dream. It really is. I’m hopeful to make more music myself. I haven’t done much solo, just one track called “Cork” which leans closer to slam poetry than a song.

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C’EST PRUNE: What is your favorite tour memory?

TODDY: My favorite tour memory would be either the first time Scott and I took our shirts off in Sacramento, or this time he walked over to the piano, we made eye contact, and at that moment we both knew we were living in a special moment, one we’d never forget, one we’d tell our kids about…or an interviewer, lol.

C’EST PRUNE: Favorite snack?

TODDY: Favorite snack? Ah, you saved the tough questions for the end. I love snacks more than a nice pillow. Snacks mean everything to me. I enjoy chocolate covered acai berries, Pringles, Reese’s peanut butter cups, chocolate chip cookies and anything else a dietician would advise you to avoid.

C’EST PRUNE: Best show to binge watch?

TODDY: As of now, Stranger Things!


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C’EST PRUNE:Dream collab?

TODDY: Dream collab. Well, my co-author Darren and I have been dreaming of writing a book together since high school, and now here we are talking about that very book. So that’s my literal answer. My smart, business decision answer is David Dobrik. Gosh, I hope he reads this.

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