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Kim Chi

C'est Prune: Introduce yourself to our readers.

Kim Chi: Hi there, my name is Kim Chi and I am a LA based Drag Queen focused on high fashion.

C'est Prune: What inspired you to drag?

Kim Chi: It was an accident. I dressed up in drag for Halloween one year, and the rest is history.

C'est Prune: What was your first experience in drag like?

Kim Chi: It was extremely nerve wracking, as I don’t have any performance background. It truly was a happy accident as I say though. I’ve been having so much fun doing it and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

C'est Prune: What steps did you take to make it to the biggest platform of them all - RuPauls Drag Race?

Kim Chi: After a year of doing drag, I began to do it full time and make it my career. I saw a lot of my friends go on the show and experience such success. I figured it would be fun to try, so I applied to see what would happen. I got on the show the first time I applied.

C'est Prune: Wow, that is amazing. How did Drag Race change your career?

Kim Chi: Oh my. In countless ways, truly. I was able to showcase my work to millions of viewers around the world, in a capacity I could never imagine. I was lucky to gain a following and start working with so many brands I genuinely love. I never imagined my life could be like this.

C'est Prune: That is special. What did it mean to you to be the first Korean-American drag queen on tv?

Kim Chi: Growing up, there were not many Korean role models in the media. To be able to be that role model for someone is an honor.

C'est Prune: You have a background in design. How has this helped your drag career and Kim Chi as a whole.

Kim Chi: My background is in graphic design specifically, but I did not have a background in fashion. It helped me to conceptualize and look at things from a visual perspective. I have a good eye for graphics and it has played a part in what I like to wear.

C'est Prune: You did a makeup collaboration with Sugarpill Cosmetics after your time on Drag Race. Would you ever do another collaboration with a big brand down the line?

Kim Chi: Funny you should ask that. I have some big projects of my own coming out soon. I can’t give away too many details, but stay tuned for this winter.

C'est Prune: What was your favorite Kim Chi look on Drag Race?

Kim Chi: The mom look I wore on Episode 8. I was able to represent my culture and pay homage to someone I love dearly, being my mom.

C'est Prune: So lovely. Fans will get to meet you at Dragcon NYC in September. What does it mean to you to spend time with your fans?

Kim Chi: It’s truly an honor. It’s a crazy concept when people wait in line to see and meet you. I am honored and grateful to be in this position.

C'est Prune: If you had to let any other famous drag queen do your makeup, who would you choose?

Kim Chi: Laila McQueen. She is the most talented makeup artist of anyone I know. If you see her makeup up close in real life, it’s perfect and looks photoshopped. She might be the only person I would trust.

C'est Prune: If you could do any celebrities makeup, who would you choose?

Kim Chi: It depends. I am going to say Chris Evans, just as an excuse to touch his face.

C'est Prune: Is there anything else we should lookout for in 2019?

Kim Chi: I have a lot of fun projects I can’t talk about, however I can talk about my current project. World of Wonder released their new show, Werq The World. It is a documentary about life on tour. My episode is the very first of the series.


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