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Big Star Plastic Martyr chats Little Women: LA & her latest single released with Capitol Records

PRUNE: FIrst off, you are our first cover star to be featured twice in the Prune. How does that make you feel?

PLASTIC: I definitely feel honored. To be on the cover even once was a gift, but to be on it again is truly an amazing feeling. So thank you for having me again.

PRUNE: Your latest single "Love in The Dark" is so dope. To say the least we are obsessed. It is unabashedly raw and through your lyrics we are freed from the fuckboys/fuckgirlz who broke us lol Where did you draw inspiration while writing this single?

PLASTIC: Wow, thank you so much. That means the world to me! I have dated a lot of horrible guys in the past. The truth is pretty much every guy (except for my current boyfriend) have been horrible, degrading, and objectifying. All of that hurt and pain was bottled up inside, music was my way of releasing that pain and anger.

PRUNE: Can we expect a music video for the single? If yes, when?

PLASTIC: Yes! The music video is super cool, it's like a giant fashion editorial morphed with a music video. I keep pushing back the release of the music video because I want it to be perfect, So hopefully it will be released in the next month. But good things come to those who wait, so thank you for being patient and hopefully you'll love it!

PRUNE: When we last chatted, we briefly touched the surface of your BIG drama on Little Women LA. Will you appear on any upcoming episodes of the series? Will there be anymore Dramz with that transphobic monster Tonya? (We still dont understand why she hasn't be cancelled)

PLASTIC: I will make a brief cameo in this current season actually! I don't have any more crazy drama, though I do talk a lot of shit about Tonya and Terra which I'm absolutely unapologetic about. I think the real reason she wasn't cancelled for her transphobic comments towards me was that Terra is an executive producer of the show, and Tonya is her mouth piece and puppet. Terra LOVES having people in her corner backing up her every move, so she needs Tonya around for that.

PRUNE: You have such an incredible bod. How does one maintain a killer physique like yourself?

PLASTIC: Honestly, aside from hitting the "good genes" jackpot (If you've ever seen my mom she is gorgeous and super fit) I maintain a very healthy lifestyle. No smoking, NO alcohol whatsoever, and no sugar. I also work out a lot!

PRUNE: Transvisibilty and ally support is important now more than ever. Do you have any stories to share about random acts of kindness in the form of ally support?

PLASTIC: I have so many stories it's difficult to pick just 1. Though I will say it always amazes me to see the rising support for this community. I have more people fighting along side of me now than I did years ago even though the current political climate is so toxic for us. I think that's why we have so much support now, people are starting to see us as equals and they understand this discriminative treatment is unfair.

PRUNE: Are you recording any more singles? Any plans to drop an EP or Album anytime soon?

PLASTIC: I am actually as we speak working on my 2nd single, which is the opposite of 'Love In The Dark'. This is the first real love song i've ever written and it's about my current boyfriend. I believe he will be playing guitar on the track too which makes this next single even more special to me.

PRUNE: What are you binge watching?

PLASTIC: I hate to admit this, but I'm a HUGE reality TV fan. So I am binge watching The Bachelorette and The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. If you're reading this Andy Cohen make me the first transgender housewife of Beverly Hills!

PRUNE: Favorite song?

PLASTIC: I am currently obsessed with 'Hard Place' by H.E.R

PRUNE: Favorite Restaurant in LA?

PLASTIC: My favorite restaurant in LA is a tie between The Bazaar by José Andrés and Sugarfish.

PRUNE: Any Fashion trends you'd like to object to?

PLASTIC: Ugh, like all of them right now. Everyone just needs to stop trying so damn hard. Fashion shouldn't be abused.

PRUNE: If you could go back in time and give baby plastic some advice what would you say to her?

PLASTIC:I'd say to her that the road ahead is very bumpy, but you are a strong warrior and even though at times you feel like giving up just fight through the pain because you have a beautiful life ahead that you deserve to enjoy.

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