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Ryan Vincent is drinking the Prune Juice

When did your acting and modeling career begin?

I probably started modeling before I can remember. My mother was a photographer and a painter, I was always involved in her very editorial style photo shoots. She was brilliant at pulling in absolute strangers to her and she shoots to create very unique situations. One time We were shooting in an alley in downtown Cleveland, some people dressed as white collar workers, others dressed as homeless drifters. She had hired professional ballerinas to dance among everyone creating a dream like scenario. The result was brilliant. I was dressed as one of the homeless drifters and found myself getting deeper into the character. Talking to myself and completely removed from reality. What I didn’t realize then was I was acting in my first live performance. From that day forward I did countless photo shoots getting more and more into each character I portrayed. By the time I reached college and discovered the stage I was hooked.

What are your best tips for staying in shape?

Control what you eat. It’s that simple. Don’t drink soda, don’t eat fast food, etc. nowadays it’s too easy to find healthy options. There’s no more excuses.

Favorite sport?

I was a BMX rider for all of my teenage years. I Did several videos and competitions traveling around the East Coast. I never got into organized sports. There was something about me fighting an obstacle that really drew me into BMX riding. Lately I’ve gotten into formula 1 racing. I think the parallel is that there’s one guy in one car, no team to rely on. Just him against the odds.

What has been the biggest moment in your career thus far?

After doing film, television, theater, commercials, working with some of my idols, i honestly have to say The biggest moment in my career so far was the day I discovered I can actually do this. I was driving back to Los Angeles from Las Vegas when I received a phone call saying I just booked my next feature film. In that moment I knew that I was cut out for this. Something clicked. It’s incredibly difficult to find your place in acting and you have to have the thickest skin. You have to be willing to take risks. I set out to New York City from Ohio nine years ago without a job, friends, only a bed to sleep in from someone I found on Craigslist. It was terrifying and exciting not knowing how this was going to work out. But I knew I needed to know. And Because I took that first risk I’m here today. Still taking risks.

What is your fashion style?

I could be caught in two different styles. Very basic white T, jeans, and vans or something like Dickie Greenleaf from “the talented Mr. Ripley” Very chic and expensive.

What are your hobbies outside of acting?

I’m a huge fan of documentaries. “Making a murderer” was insane. Also The “George Harrison” doc on Netflix is 3 1/2 hours but absolutely worth the commitment.

Advice for someone looking to get into the business?

Take this as serious as if you were in med school or law school. It will take years before you’re anywhere. It has to become your life. Just because you watched Gladiator last night doesn’t mean you can wake up and start acting. It’s not gonna work out. It takes a lifetime of dedicated training to truly understand the difference between a “good” actor and a “great” actor. And If you don’t want to be great, try real estate instead, you’ll get way more out of it.

Favorite designer in 2019?

Literally anything that All Saints drops I eventually get. I have to avoid the store at all costs. I’ve never walked in and walked out empty handed.

Celebrity crush?

Ariana Grande. I’ve auditioned for two of her videos but didn’t get it. Our paths will cross one day. See you soon, boo. lol.

Favorite show to binge watch?

I still have a light weight obsession with The Office. I honestly think I could take on anyone in “Office” trivia. Try me.

Where can we follow you on social media?

@Ryanrayvincent Follow me!

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