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Fashion Exclusive with La Maison De Fashion

PRUNE: At age 18, you have quite the impressive resume. How did your career begin?

LILIMAR: Thank you! I started acting when I was 9 years old. Before acting, I was dedicated to modeling and every now and then, a pageant! It was when my mom found a place called John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center where I took my first acting class. That’s where I completely fell in love with the career and decided it’s most definitely what I felt happiest doing. After that, it was my family and my dedication that lead to us finding different representatives, auditions, and setting off on a brand journey. 

PRUNE: You began competing in beauty pageants at only four years old, and winning. Did you know from a young age you wanted to be a star?

LILIMAR:  I knew that I wanted to perform. Since very young I loved seeing people laugh, smile, have a good time while watching whatever craziness I was doing in that moment. It felt like I was making someone happy by doing what made me happy. Like I was making the good vibes stay around us, around me. 

Dress: Topshop X Halpern at La Maison De Fashion

PRUNE: You started modeling and acting early on. What was the role that jump started your career?

LILIMAR:  Definitely Sophie on Bella and The Bulldogs. That was my first major role and it’s what brought me out to Los Angeles. I believe that role was the start of everything for me and I’m grateful to Nickelodeon for giving such a wonderful opportunity. After that brought me out here, I’ve been grateful for every little opportunity and everything that’s been keeping me here. 

PRUNE: How did Nickelodeon change your life?

LILIMAR: They gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I thank them for seeing potential in me, and ultimately bringing me and my family out to LA. Back in Miami, after 4 years of doing small jobs and never really finding a role I was passionate about, I began to think about my future and worry. Would I ever make it to LA? Would I even make it as an actress? Nickelodeon gave me my chance and they gave me so much hope. I’m also very thankful for all the relationships I had the opportunity to build and connections I was able to make, as I’ve learned something valuable from each and every one of them. 

PRUNE:  Talk to us about your experience on Bella and the Bulldogs.

LILIMAR: Any time I think about my experience on Bella and The Bulldogs, I just smile. I don’t think any of us quite fully appreciated it back then, but looking back it now after quite a few years, being on that show was pure magic. The production was filled with hardworking people that were so good to us and became our mentors. The storylines were always so fun and required us to do something totally crazy each week. This was the job that brought me out to LA, that was the first cast I’ve ever been so close with, and I hold all those memories very dearly within my heart. 

PRUNE:  Fan’s still get to see you on Nickelodeon, now on Knight Squad. Talk to us about your character, Sage.

LILIMAR: Sage is very determined, powerful and will let absolutely nothing get in her way of reaching her goals. Even though she has a very cold exterior, she has a heart of gold. She’s an extremely loyal friend and very protective over those whom she loves. All in all, I was so happy to play a character like her and have little kids learn from her. She taught children what a true friend is like, how to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, etc. 

PRUNE: What can we expect from Lilimar for the rest of 2019?

LILIMAR:  This is definitely a year of change for me. I believe this year signifies growth and my biggest form of change yet. I’m excited to see what my next project will be and how people will react to one project we already have in the works. While that happens, I’m working on rebranding and reintroducing my image to my fans. I’ve always been myself, very honest on socials and other forms of communications. Now I’m presenting the Lilimar that’s turned into a young woman, no longer the 13-year-old Lilimar that has just began to work for Nick. There’re no restrictions now. 

PRUNE: Who is your dream costar?

LILIMAR:  Robert De Niro! I know that definitely sounds a little crazy but a girl can dream right?! As a young girl, I found so much inspiration in him. My dad and I would watch tons of movies together when I was little and whenever there was a movie with Robert De Niro in it, my eyes just lit up and I would be fully focused on the film. It just blew my mind how he could bring so much realness and raw emotion to each and every character he portrayed. For a while, I would watch a lot of random scenes that had him in it just to see what kind of things I could learn from watching him act. 

Dress: Shop Glam Rock at La Maison De Fashion

Belt: Kenny KG at La Maison De Fashion

Bracelet: La Maison De Fashion

PRUNE:  Craziest fan moment?

LILIMAR: Definitely when my co-star Savannah and I went to Malta for a business trip. While we were shooting, we kept running into the cutest little kids that said they absolutely loved our show! It was such a pleasant surprise and the kids were so incredibly sweet, as well as their parents. To us, it was mind blowing that our show was making kids happy 6,000 miles away from us. 

PRUNE: What show should everyone be watching right now?

LILIMAR:  Definitely Chambers. It’s a Netflix original that stars not only Uma Thurman, but an incredibly talented cast. When I saw the trailer for it, it immediately grabbed my attention since it seemed so dark and sinister. I was not wrong. It’s filled with the right amount of horror, mystery and emotion. I watched the whole show in the span of two days. If you want even more horror and mystery, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is my other favorite.

JACKET: Alice and Olivia at La Maison De Fashion

Top: La Maison De Fashion

Skirt: Top Shop

PRUNE:  Where can we follow you on socials?

Insta/Twitter: @IamLilimar

Facebook: Official Lilimar 

Snapchat: waterliily

Photo: Mark Mendez Styling: Michael St. Michael Hair: Andrea Allison Makeup: Paul Blanch 

Interview: Dylan Rubinstein





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