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Listen to Houses latest EP "Drugstore Heaven"

Shirt- Karsan 

PRUNE: Introduce yourself to our readers.

DEXTER: Hi, my name is Dexter and my project is called Houses. 

PRUNE: How did you come up with the name ‘Houses’?

DEXTER: It was sort of a temporary name that wound up sticking. I used to think of making records like you were walking people through your house and showing them what your life really looked like.   PRUNE: You recently released your EP Drugstore Heaven.

DEXTER: What does this collection of music mean to you? I feel like I approached a lot of the music I made before this EP like a film director. There was a lot of planning and purpose behind the presentation of everything and I was neurotically pulling the strings. Drugstore Heaven is more like a photograph - totally imperfect, blurry and in motion. The music feels honest to who I am and that's rewarding. 

Shirt- Raga Man

PRUNE: Who inspires you in the music industry?

DEXTER: The music industry isn't all that inspiring these days, but there's a lot of beautiful, creative things happening on the fringes of it. I've been listening to a lot of Katie Dey and George Clanton lately.

PRUNE: Talk to us about the hit single, “Fast Talk”, which took off quickly on stations like SiriusXM Alt Nation. 

DEXTER: It's a sad song, but people relate to it I guess. It's a song about my youth in Chicago, I don't really know what else to say about it.  

PRUNE: What is your favorite song on Drugstore Heaven and why?

DEXTER: My favorite is Left Alone. It's the most fun for me to play live and I feel like the message is strong and clear. Leave me alone. 


PRUNE: You’ve worked with Diplo and written for Martin Garrix, Ryan Hemsworth, and What So Not - to name a few. Talk to us about this experience. 

DEXTER: Yeah, I was wrapped up in the Los Angeles songwriting bubble for a few years. Diplo was letting me use his studio for the first few years I lived in LA and so I'd wind up in sessions with all these great artists, just because he'd show up at midnight and I'd be in there playing with my synths. 

PRUNE: Do you enjoy writing music for other people as much as you enjoy writing for yourself?

DEXTER: Not usually, no. It's fun playing a cameo in other people’s careers, but if I'm sitting in rooms 8 hours a day trying to write pop music, I'm nowhere close to what I'm passionate about.

PRUNE: If you could see any concert tomorrow, who would you go see?

DEXTER: Beta Band live at Glastonbury 2000 PRUNE: Describe your fashion style.

DEXTER: I keep buying clothes from this factory outlet mall I live by and so all my jeans are like an inch too short and I'm usually in last year’s defective styles. 

Shirt- Karsan 

PRUNE: Where can we follow you on social media?

@houses on twitter, @housesmusic on instagram

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