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Actor Jade Hassouné chats about the final season of Shadowhunters

PRUNE: Introduce yourself to our readers. 

JADE: Hello! I am a human who has been dabbling in the arts since the moment I came to this planet. I decided really young that I wanted my life to be fun and so I've followed the feeling of joy and of my dreams to navigate this reality. 

PRUNE: When did your career in acting begin? 

JADE: It really began when I was ten years old and when I first walked on stage. I felt my heart open and love/joy/life force flowed through me and I understood that my path was going to be made from that creative energy that felt soooo good. Then I went to theatre school and started working as a professional actor in theatre, then a few years later I went into a tv/film mentorship program that furthered my confidence that this was truly my path and I just continued following that dream until it was real for others. It was, however, real to me in my imagination wayyy before anyone else could see the evidence. 

PRUNE: We see you on the last season of Freeform’s Shadowhunters. What does it mean to you to be a part of this show? 

JADE: It means so much! I used to dream about being part of something like this. And it has definitely changed my life, especially the fans. I am proud to be part of such a legacy and such a large worldwide fandom. And I am so happy to have found great friends like the ones I found in the last few years. z

PRUNE: Talk to us about your character, Meliorn.

JADE: He is a half-demon / half-angel blooded creature called a Seelie. Could be compared to elves. Seelies are Faeries, Meliorn is the head Knight of the Seelie army, he is the right-hand-man to the Seelie Queen and is her representative when it comes to meetings with the Shadowhunters or the Downworld council. 

PRUNE: Has your career changed since landing this role? 

JADE: Absolutely in terms of visibility, and in experience, I am about to find out what the role is doing on the casting side. 

PRUNE: You are also working on an EP, “Love Letters to a Fandom”. Talk to us about this and what we can expect. 

JADE: You can expect a pop album covering different styles of music, from tropical pop to trap, songs that talk about my experiences since the show has launched and our tours have started, some heartbreaks and some empowering anthems. 

PRUNE: Who do you draw your musical inspiration from? 

JADE: They flow as inspirations, sometimes while I feel hurt, or sometimes while I'm traveling I will hear a melody in my head and record it on my iPhone. Most of this EP was inspired within a week or two when I got back from my fan-conventions summer tour last year. I was filled with emotions of joy and also of grief from saying goodbye to new friends and lovers I'd met along the way, and saying goodbye to the experience as a whole. It's also a way for me to thank the fans and give back something that will expand our connection in a deeper way. 

PRUNE: When can we expect music from J4DE? 

JADE: My first single "Insta Story" is set to release June 9th 2019, on all platforms! The EP Love Letter to a Fandom is going to come out later in the year! 

PRUNE: What is the last concert you attended? 

JADE: The last concerts I attended were TR/ST and a few weeks before it was Ariana Grande, both very different, both in Montreal. 

 PRUNE: What show would you consider your guilty pleasure? 

JADE: I am soooo not guilty for this because I adore Rupaul's Drag Race!! 

PRUNE: If you could only eat one meal for a week, what would it be? 

JADE: Pasta! 

PRUNE: Celebrity crush? 

JADE: Shawn Mendes 

PRUNE: Where can we follow you on socials? 

@jadehassoune on instagram and twitter which I use the most. And I think the quick facebook link is @jadehassounecollection also my website





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