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Daddy AF: Taking a bath with Alex Ledermen

PRUNE: Introduce yourself to our readers. What should we know about Alex Lederman?

ALEX: Alex Lederman is a very lucky human being. I have been able to learn from all of my gravest mistakes and turn them around with the help of all my support. I don’t take a lot of things very seriously, but I try my hardest at any opportunity I’m given.

PRUNE: You’re an actor, model, and Instagram influencer. Where did your career first begin?

ALEX: My “career” began on tumblr, I guess. I was depressed and self destructive, but I vented on my blog (like every late teen in 2009). I transition to Instagram and it all kind of just snowballed from there. I like to think it was due to my transparency with mental health and fitness.

PRUNE: What made you get into modeling?

ALEX: Honestly, the people who follow me. I have worked some brutal jobs and I just figured that was my path. But, some of the amazing people who follow me kept asking me to give it a shot, so I finally caved to peer pressure.

PRUNE: What is your daily fitness routine?

ALEX: I start all workout with a heavy and controlled “compound lift” (squats, bench, deadlift, etc). After that I stick with high rep super sets to condition the muscle I’ve already exhausted. I keep the tests short to keep my heart rate up so I burn as many calories as I can. Two birds, one stone.

PRUNE: Talk to us about your acting career.

ALEX: It’s in its infancy. But, I hope it continues to grow. My resume is short, but I did have a lead roll on an after school CBBC show called “living it”. It got canceled. I wasn’t very good at the time.

PRUNE: What upcoming projects for 2019 do you have?

ALEX: There are a few things in the works, but I’m not going to jinx them. I’m just happy they include speaking rolls.

PRUNE: We see you in multiple athletic-themed photoshoots. Do you play any sports yourself?

ALEX: I do! I recently just started playing semi-pro football. I used to play in college, but was never any good. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been, so I figured why not?!

PRUNE: You’re also a Dad. How do you balance work with home life?

ALEX: Obviously there’s a lot of sexual themes in almost all my work. But, like most jobs, I don’t bring it home with me. Being a father is my favorite thing to do. Without a doubt. I couldn’t be more thankful that I can provide for my kids in a way that still lets me enjoy so much time with them.

PRUNE: Let’s talk fashion. What are your favorite trends at the moment?

ALEX: Fanny packs, dangling earrings, maxi dresses on men. I’m not sure if any of these are trending now. Being a dad keeps me out of the loop. If I couldn’t pick. I’d wear boots, jeans, and a baseball cap everyday.

PRUNE: Next vacation?

ALEX: I have to make Disney happen.

PRUNE: Dream costar?

ALEX: Chris Pratt. Everyone says I remind them of him. So I’d want to see if we were truly alike and if we’d drive each other insane.

PRUNE: Favorite show to binge watch?

ALEX: The Office runs on a loop in my house.

PRUNE: Where can fans follow you on socials?

instagram is @lexlederman

Twitter is @lexnstuff





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