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Keeping up with Carmen

We are keeping up with Carmen Ortega in this story tale chapter of C'est Prune. You may recognize her face from the E! Reality Series Hollywood Cycle or you may remember hearing about her Krazy Kardashian drama. Whatever you heard its probably not true! We sat down with her to connect and get to know the tea. No shade, just love. So take a sip.

PRUNE- You’re a jack of many trades - introduce yourself to our readers!

CARMEN- Definitely a jack of many trades. I started in modeling, then it was music, I realized the music industry wasn’t for me. And wasn’t really my passion, I tried fashion for a bit with my own line with a partner. Didn’t really work out , which I feel I’m still not done, and I am so ready to go back into fashion in the near future. I was really lucky and got the opportunity to be on a TV show called Hollywood cycle on a great network which was E Television. It Was just a great learning experience for me. I love TV I really enjoyed that moment in my life. And now I’m venturing off and trying to get more involved in Charity. I feel that’s one of my biggest passion is helping others and serving to make others great.

PRUNE - What has been your favorite modeling feature to date?

CARMEN - I did a feature with Playboy which was when Playboy did a year where it wasn’t nude . So that’s when I did the feature .I was voted amongst hottest Latinas on Instagram, next to Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez. Which I thought was super cool being Iam Latina myself.

PRUNE - You previously dated Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian blamed you for the end of their relationship?

CARMEN - He dated both of us at same time. And we both found out months later.

PRUNE - Where does your relationship with the Kardashians stand today?

CARMEN - My relationship with the Kardashian’s is fine in my eyes, I have no bad energy or bad vibes with anyone. That was years ago we all grow and mature. I think I have grown so much since then, and I never meant to hurt anyone And if I ever did I feel truly sorry that I was involved in a situation that caused pain to anyone. I was also in the dark. But it’s nothing but Love from here.

PRUNE - Did this public feud - help advance your career in any way?

CARMEN - I guess for me it was a over night notoriety. It was for hard for me cause I didn’t know how to deal with such a thing. I learned that my life had changed. At first I felt it was for the worst. I learned to make the best out of my choices. It helped Yes and Sometimes No . I was automatically labeled before someone met me in person or gave me a chance. I guess that was a tough pill to swallow at times. I had to fight to prove my self in different ways. I over came so much in this journey and continue to do so everyday.


HEELS: Christian Louboutin

NECKLACE: Jardin Secret

CORSET: Ivan Bitton

PRUNE - You've had a friendship with Justin Bieber through his highs and lows. Talk to us about where that relationship stemmed and how he is doing today.

CARMEN- My friendship with Justin has definitely has its ups and downs. We have grown so much, We don’t speak so often anymore. Due to changes in our personal lives .We keep in touch due to having mutual friends. He just got married and I just got engaged. Our lives are growing so much things changing so fast.

PRUNE - How do you hope to empower other women in the industry as well fans those who look up to you?

CARMEN - I want to empower others that look up to me ,and my followers. And let them know there is nothing you can’t do. Just create your vision. And make realistic goals to get there ,and grind and never give up till you achieve your goal. Because you can do it.

PRUNE - How would you describe your every day fashion?

CARMEN - My everyday fashion I would say is gym clothes, because I’m all about my fitness ,feeling and looking good and being healthy as possible. It’s a lifestyle.

PRUNE - If you had to switch lives with any celebrity, male or female, for a day - who would it be and why?

CARMEN - I would trade a day with Melania Trump because her reach and power to touch so many lives is major and is much needed.

HAT, & BODYSUIT: Aida Novosel

SKIRT: Gela Welsh

BOOTS: Ivan Bitton Style House

PRUNE - If you had to eliminate one current trend, what would it be?

CARMEN - I notice showing too much skin has become more of a trend with girls , I feel express yourself in a classy way , put that energy into creative ways to create new trends. Don’t do what everyone else is doing.

HAT: Aida Novosel

EARRINGS: Baroqco Jewelry

OUTFIT: Deviant La Vie

PRUNE - Where can we follow you?

CARMEN - My insta is @carmenortega










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