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C'est Prune: Clinton Moxam

Are you the one? We think yes. C’est hello to this heartthrob reality-star-turned-fitness-professional. We find out what MTV members Clinton is still in touch with, where his relationship stands now, and more! Keep reading for all the tea. 

PRUNE: When people hear your name, Are You The One comes to mind. Talk to us about your experience as a reality TV show star.

CLINTON: My experience was a lot more good then bad. You get a certain amount of negativity on social media for random reasons but winning a big chunk of change and meeting my woman were two of the best things to ever happen to me.

PRUNE: Did you expect to fall in love on the show?

CLINTON: No I didn’t expect to fall for anyone of the show. For me it was more about the experience and getting a chance to win some money, which was really needed at the time. I didn’t fall in love on the show, seeds were definitely planted for Uche & I but it was after the show where our relationship really blossomed and we were both able to realize that we met on that show for a reason.

PRUNE: You and Uche are one of the few couples to survive post-filming. How did your relationship survive and blossom?

CLINTON: Our relationship was the only relationship that was built with a foundation of really getting to know the other person and learning about one another. We were the only couple on that show that didn’t just jump right in to a “relationship” and we didn’t head straight to the Boom Boom Room. A lot of people fall in “lust” and mistaken that for love, we avoided that. I truly believe that Uche & I were meant to meet on that show, we didn’t know it at the time but as the show went on and we got back in to the real world our relationship just started to flow and everything made sense. We ended up living an hour away from one another, our personalities just compliment one another so well and we’re literally best friends. The time in both of our lives that we met was great timing as far as just being two individuals knowing what we wanted/needed in a partner and being ready for that type of commitment. We were really able to take our time getting to know one another before making it official and I believe that was the difference between us and many other couples out there. 

PRUNE: Post-MTV you are now a successful trainer. Talk to us about your passion for fitness.

CLINTON: My passion for fitness has always been there. I grew up playing sports and just falling in love with bettering myself physically. I always wanted to have muscles and look great and just be strong. Football gave me a really solid foundation for fitness and I always said I wanted to open my own gym one day. I always knew that fitness and my physique would be able to open doors for me and I’ve just always been hungry and eager to learn more about health and fitness. As I started to really learn what I was doing, my physique really started to come together and I started realizing that I have pretty good genetics. My genetics mixed with my eagerness to get better has really allowed me to build a pretty decent physique so far but I’m no where near where I want to be. That’s what makes it fun and interesting because I don’t think I’ll ever reach my ideal physique goals but the chase keeps me going.

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Shirt: Karsan

PRUNE: What is the number one question you get asked as a personal trainer?

CLINTON: “How do I lose stomach fat?” which I then explain to people that fat is not like a muscle. For example, you can develop your biceps by doing bicep curls and building the muscle there. Fat is basically a layer over your entire body, you can lose fat and it will go away but you can’t force your body to burn the fat on your stomach more then any other area on your body. Focus on overall fat loss and let the body do it’s thing.

PRUNE: People often focus on the gym and forget about diet. What is your biggest tip to someone looking to get in shape head to toe?

CLINTON: Learn about the 80/20 rule and flexible nutrition, start resistance training and stop just focusing just on cardio & get a coach or someone that actually knows what they are talking about (LIKE ME) to help you understand more about nutrition and training. Understand that it’s a process, focus on your long term results!!

PRUNE: Would you ever do a reality TV show again?

CLINTON: Yes maybe my own show with Uche haha I would definitely do something like MTV’s “The Challenge” if the opportunity presented itself and other competition shows.

PRUNE: If you could be partnered with any fellow MTV alumni, excluding Uche, who would you choose to work with during a Challenge? 

CLINTON: I think it would be dope to partner with Cory Wharton, he’s experienced and he’s a Beast in the challenges!

PRUNE:Do you stay in touch with your former cast members?

CLINTON: Yes, I’m close with Kareem and Malcolm from my season of AYTO but I have love for most of my cast mates!!

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