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#NewMusicWatch Not In The Mood by Farrah Frost

Interview: Dylan Rubinstein @thedylanjader

PRUNE: You just released your debut single, “Not In The Mood”. What has the response to this song been thus far?

FF: The single and music video have just released. I’m excited about the video being featured on Worldstar HipHop’s YouTube channel. It’s directed by Rock Davis of Itchy House Films, who has directed videos by P. Diddy and DJ Khaled.

PRUNE: “Not In The Mood” was produced by Sam Sneed from Death Row Records, who has worked with countless artists including Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Jay Z, and Mike Perrotta. What does it mean to work with such a strong team?

FF: I met Sam by such a slim chance. We started working together and brought in Mike. Then I worked with music video director, Rock Davis, as described above. The stars aligned, and we made magic. My publicist, Doreen D’Agostino, has worked at major record labels, including Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music and all of their major artists. It’s imperative to have an experienced publicist representing our work. We all make a solid team.

PRUNE: “Not In The Mood” correlates directly with the #MeToo movement. Talk to us about the meaning behind this single.

FF: “Not In The Mood” is a timely nod to the #MeToo movement. It is a song about empowering women and putting creepy, pushy men in their place. Sexism, no matter a woman’s walk of life, is prevalent in modern day society and in all industries. I wanted to approach the #MeToo movement from a more micro-perspective, regarding the small things that happen in everyday life. Don’t “invade our space with your hands all over the place.” We are smart; we are powerful; we are beautiful. And we are “Not In The Mood.”

PRUNE: What do you hope other women take away from this song?

FF: Confidence and empowerment!

PRUNE: How did you first get into music?

FF:I have been singing in musical theater, chorus, NYSSMA, SCMEA, and more since I’m seven years old. I have classical and theatrical training. In time, I ventured into other musical genres. That’s not to say I wasn’t bopping to Eminem way back in fifth grade. I have always loved listening to hip-hop, but seven year old nerdy Farrah wasn’t spitting bars on the way to horseback riding lessons.

PRUNE: What made you choose hip-hop?

FF: I am a dancer (trained in hip hop, tap, jazz, ballet, and lyrical) and have always loved choreographing and dancing to hip-hop music. My writing major was concentrated in poetry; I play drums, did musical theater since I'm seven years old, and tap danced since I'm three. I’m now an actress in the Screen Actors Guild. Rhythm and performance are engrained in me. This mixture resonates with all the elements of hip-hop music. When I met Sam Sneed, formerly of Death Row Records, who has produced Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, and 50 Cent, among others, everything fell into place. From that moment, an incredible opportunity flourished to piece together all my experience in the performing arts and my passion for hip-hop.

PRUNE: Outside of music, you studied Neuroscience. Do you hope to pursue a career in medicine as well?

FF: When I was three-years-old, I would sing and dance, bare-butt, to “Bad Case of Loving You” by Robert Palmer, watching my reflection in the dishwasher. I would use a wooden spoon as a mic and proclaim that I want to be a singing-doctor. When I was seven years old, right before my grandma died of pancreatic cancer, I gave her a letter, promising I would work to cure pancreatic cancer. I think the Arts work synergistically with the Sciences and I have plans for both fields. Saving lives with both music and my hands would give my life meaning.

PRUNE: What has been the biggest fan-girl moment of your career thus far?

FF: Back at the end of August, I met Method Man from Wu-Tang Clan on set. I was standing in for the lead, Sarah Gadon, of the upcoming film, Vampires vs. the Bronx, starring Method Man and directed by Oz Rodriguez of SNL. I was on the phone with Sam Sneed talking about our music and all of a sudden I see Method Man. I told Sam and he’s like, “That’s the man! Tell him I want to say hey.” And so I did. They chatted on my phone a bit and then Method and I hung out on set. He went through a playlist showing me a bunch of songs I should study and he shared some stories. It was awesome to meet a real OG. Another person I had a fan-girl moment when I met was from the scientific field. Twice at Johns Hopkins, I met Peter Agre, winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering aquaporin water channels. The first time I was giving a presentation on genes and DNA with one topic that touched upon aquaporins. He watched. I may have peed my pants a little bit. I then later met him again and he remembered me! We discussed his experience researching malaria and molecular biology. It was fascinating. I am always inspired by the incredible scientists whose innovations advance humanity.

PRUNE: Dream collaboration?

FF: My dream collaboration would be with Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. They are two queens. I always watch their music videos while I work out and choreograph and dance to their music. They have a theatrical background, the “it factor,” and massive brains along with their beauty. Their music is catchy, cathartic, and expressive. They are both triple threats.

PRUNE: 2019 goals?

FF: I’m writing and recording new songs that I will be releasing throughout the year, along with their music videos.

PRUNE: Where can we follow you on social media?

FF: Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @farrahfrostt. I gotta say, I just started using the Farrah Frostt Facebook and Twitter page. Instagram is my main domain.





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