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INTERVIEW: 'The Possession of Hannah Grace' Star Kirby Johnson

PHOTOGRAPHY TJ Manou @tjmanou

INTERVIEW: Naheemah Houston @spookynaheemah

EIC: Michael St. Michael @fashionsaintstyle

PRUNE: I myself am a huge fan of horror movies and really look forward to seeing you in action for "The Possession of Hannah Grace". What should viewers expect from it?

KJ: This is different from the typical exorcism movie because this story really follows what happens AFTER the exorcism. We have seen a lot of movies that lead up to that but this goes into the idea that when you die, do you really die?

PRUNE: Are you a fan of horror movies? If so, what are some of your faves?

KJ: I LOVE horror movies! My mother traumatized me as a child and made me watch them while I was growing up! LOL! Some of my favorites include SAW, Final Destination, & The Shining!

PRUNE: How does "The Possession..." compare to your favorites?

KJ: Is it biased of me to say this is my new favorite horror movie? All jokes aside I would be a huge fan of this movie even if I wasn’t in it! The story is really great!

PRUNE: Was it challenging to play a character who is demon possessed? Where did you draw inspiration?

KJ: It really wasn’t that difficult to play the possessed character! I’m sure most people would assume it would be a big dramatic process but really I just tackled it the same way I would any role! I drew inspiration from the horror classics and I also took some inspiration from animals like a snake!

PRUNE: Your FX makeup for Possession is pretty rad. How many hours did it take your makeup artist to conjure up that demon?

KJ: I was in the makeup chair for 4 hours everyday to put it on and 2 hours to scrub it all off! Adrien Morot and Ben Bornstein were my makeup artists and I can not say enough good things about them! They made the process so much fun!

PRUNE: Not only are you a promising actress, but a pretty talented dancer. Did your dancing skills help you fulfill the physical demand of your role?

KJ: Absolutely! My dance abilities definitely helped me create and really bring the character of Hannah Grace to life!

PRUNE: What was it like working with Shay Mitchell?

KJ: Inspiring! Shay is so talented and hard working! Being on set with her was really great! Obviously we had to be very close together to film most of our scenes and from the first scene we filmed we immediately were comfortable with each other and it made working with her so fun!

PRUNE: Okay, outside of your creepy Possession FX costumes, how would you best describe your personal style?

KJ: It’s funny because so many people on set never saw me outside of my make up because I was usually the first to arrive on set the last to leave because I had to scrub the makeup off! When the cast or crew would see me outside of my make up they would scream “oh my god, she’s actually cute!” The best way I would describe my style is pretty funky I’m very in the big chunky boots & cool statement pieces!

PRUNE: What are 3 of your Winter must haves?

KJ: Chaptstick, black combat boots & Lulu Lemon leggings!

PRUNE: What are you currently binge watching?

KJ: The Haunting of Hill House! OH MY GOSH, PLEASE LET ME AUDITION FOR SEASON 2!!! lol

PRUNE: Where can we follow you?

Instagram: @Kirby_j

Twitter: @KirbyG_Johnson

Catch Kirby in 'The Possession of Hannah Grace' in theaters everywhere today!





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