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Abundant State of Mind

Incorporating an Abundance Mindset

by Sahara Rose

We’ve all been there—unable to maintain eye contact with our credit card statements, lusting over something you know you can’t afford, going over your debit card swipes and realizing you have no idea what half the stuff is.

We then take on stories.

“I’m not good with money.”

“Money is hard to come by and easy to spend.”

“I’m not in control of my finances.”

“The right amount of money always feels out of reach.”

These stories become part of our subconscious and are the background music that create our reality- subtle, but making the big difference between a romantic love scene and ghastly horror.

The thing is, most of these stories we don’t even choose. We take them on from our childhood.

Before we even know what money is, we hear our parents fighting about it, are told it’s the reason why we can’t have the toys we want and basically still have no idea what money is.

We hear statements like “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “do I look like I’m made out of money?” and “more money, more problems.”

We then create a story around money—it causes stress, it makes you greedy, it ruins your life.. But you still need it.

In my work as an Ayurvedic author + Abundance Mindset expert, I’ve broken down the various Abundance Mindsets into three types; air, fire and Earth.

Air types-- They like to ignore money because it feels too overwhelming for them. They like to pretend that if you don't look at your credit card statement, it's pretty much like it never happened. In the Abundance Mindset Masterclass, I share how a very well-known Vata got into SERIOUS debt from not addressing his imbalance. Fire types-- They are the type of people who have a spreadsheet for everything. They started investing by the time they went to prom. They know how every dollar was spent and exactly how much is in their bank account at all times. However, they can often miss out on great opportunities/ creative risks because they need all their risks to be extremely calculated, which can leave them unfulfilled. Earth types-- They like their money where they can see it-- in their savings account. They like to hold onto money and have a hard time spending it-- unless it comes to gifting others or buying some luscious new blankets and candles. They often miss out on potential business opportunities (like creating their own candle brand) because they don't want to invest their OWN money into something. They'd rather work for someone else and have no risk on their part.

Knowing your Abundance Mindset type can make the night-and-day difference between living a life of constant struggle and overdraft, verse living a life of purpose, freedom and joy. I’ve noticed enormous shifts in my own life, which is what inspired me to create the Abundance Mindset Masterclass and have seen this work transform the lives of thousands. As an Air type, I used to have no idea how much money I spent and would constantly find myself paying for subscriptions and services I never used. I felt like talking about money was “dirty” and I couldn’t be a spiritual person while desiring money. However, from shifting my Abundance Mindset, I learned that the two can go hand-in-hand and are actually meant to! You can only live your fullest life, eat organic foods, travel the world, support conscious companies and give to causes you love if you master your abundance mindset.

What’s your Abundance Mindset type? What about your significant other? Best friend? Send this article to them to find out!

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