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C'est Prune: Baby Yors

 If you have been sleeping on Baby, its time to wake the fuck up. Better yet, Its time for your ears to have a proper ear-gasm. If you need a good bop for Baby indoctrination listen to Bad Influence now while you read this.   It almost feels sacrilegious to compare him to others since he has such a unique sound, but if I had to I would say Bjork, Bowie and Marianne Faithfull (The later years when her voice changed) all shook their baby juices in a test tube, the result would be Baby. But It doesn't stop with the sounds, Baby is a full fledged thanksgiving feast with his hardcore theatrics, sending chills down your spine. Be sure to watch his latest music video GoGo Girl which channels Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. 

PHOTOs- MIKE RUIZ IG @mikeruizone 

POST PRODUCTION ( GRAPHIC Collages 2 images) Dalia Vargas IG @sritamix

Makeup – Joanne Gair IG @joannegair

Hair – Lorenzo Diaz IG @lorenzodiazhair

Wardrobe- Alison Hernon IG @718blonde

Introduction- Michael St. Michael IG @hellosaintmichael

Interview- Dylan Rubinstein IG @thedylanjader

Silver Mesh With Eyelets Dress by Zara, Instagram: @zara

Crystals Points Sterling Silver Ring and Neo Victorian Lucite Choker by Kenny Hwang,

Instagram: @kenny_hwang_nyc

PRUNE:  Introduce yourself to our readers 

Baby: I am Baby Yors, an artist based out of NYC. I make music and I’m a visual artist. 

PRUNE: How did you get into music?

Baby: I started singing in the choir when I was seven and then I did plays and directed my own short films. Music was always important and I always liked that I was able to tell stories and say what I thought of the world through it. 

PRUNE:  What has been the turning point in your career thus far? 

Baby: I don’t think there’s such a thing. At least not in my experience. Everything I do feels like one more brick of something I am building. 

PRUNE:  Tell us about your music style

Baby: People say it’s soul rock when they see me perform at my shows. I enjoy all kinds of music and when I’m making songs I don’t think about any shapes or rules to follow, so hopefully my style will always be an ever-evolving representation of my state of mind. 

PRUNE: You originally found success in acting. What made you shift your focus to singing?

Baby: I like it when I can decide what's on the page, what’s the camera angle and what color the carpet is. I’ve been doing a lot of directing which I love, but my music is my perfect creation of home because I don’t have to answer to anyone. It’s just what I like, what I want and what I feel should make it to the final cut. That’s the art I like… the one that comes from one distinguishable POV. I love acting and I studied it for years, but it’s not easy to find projects that I can 100% trust… mostly on camera projects. On stage, the actor always has the power, but on screen, as an actor you don’t. I don’t like that unless I trust who’s behind the camera. 

PRUNE: Who has inspired your career most?

Baby: My father. He works more than anyone I’ve known. He doesn’t complain, procrastinate, slow down or give up. He’s a boss and has always been… poor, rich, in the middle… he was always the same. A smart, badass, kind-hearted man. 

PRUNE: What can we expect from you next?

Baby: Sadly, I can’t talk about some things that I am DYING to share. But you’ll find out soon enough. I can say lots of new music, collaborations, performances and very unexpected turns. 

Sequin Sweater by Dope Tavio, Instagram: @dope_tavio

Silver Metallic Turtleneck by Zara, Instagram: @zara

Pants by Cheng-Huai Chuang, Instagram: @chenghuaichuang

Shoes by Syro, Instagram: @shopsyro

PRUNE:  You’re on a stranded island, what three items are you bringing with you?

Baby: A boat, a magic wand, and sunscreen.

PRUNE: Choose one celebrity dead or alive to have dinner with.

Baby: Janis Joplin

Fuzzy Black With Sequins Sweater by Zara, Instagram: @zara

Gold Laminated Denim Moto Jacket Encrusted with Black Crystal Leopard Spot Detail by The

Blonds, Instagram: @theblondsny Necklace by Laruicci, Instagram: @laruicci

PRUNE: Dogs or cats?

Baby: Dogs. Emphasis on the dogs. I’m allergic to both, but I love dogs.

PRUNE: Final meal on death row?

Baby: A really good burger, followed by cheesecake.

PRUNE: Where can we follow you?

Baby: @babyyors on Instagram and Snapchat, and @babyors on Twitter and Facebook

Red Sequin Jumpsuit by Cheng-Huai Chang, Instagram: @chenghuaichuang

Clear Jacket by Livne, Instagram: @alonlivne

Black and Silver belt by Laurel DeWitt, Instagram: @laureldewitt

Shoes by Syro, Instagram: @shopsyro


White button down shirt by Ermenegildo Zegna, Instagram: @zegnaofficial

Black Jacket by Scooter LaForge for Patricia

Field ART FASHION Gallery, Instagram: @patriciafield

Rubber Pants by Julian Woodhouse, Instagram: @julian_woodhouse

Necklace by Kenny Hwang, Instagram: @kenny_hwang_nyc

Knuckle Ring by Kenny Hwang, Instagram: @kenny_hwang_nyc





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