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Auric for Prune: Weekly Tarotscope

Energy Tarotscope Forecast Week of 8/14 -8/20

Story by Michelle Fedrizzi

AURIC for Prune

We are still recovering from last weekends, New Moon and Partial Eclipse, and as we do so it is important to remember that our mind, body and soul are getting an upgrade, so be patient with yourself.

This is the week that we need to take it slow, get grounded and do some energy work to release parts of ourselves that didn’t make it through the Eclipse portal.

During this time, the cosmos are taking us back to the month of May and asking us to reflect on what has changed, where have we grown, and what do we need to accomplish from that time frame, that we have yet to finish.

We are entering into new life and territory this week, so allow the magic to unfold and set your intentions on how you would like to finish off the last four months of this year!


Four of Cups: This is not the time to be self-absorbed in your self-pity and sorrow; you have a large amount of work to get done, to accomplish your dreams. Focus on yourself, by taking baby steps to your dreams, once you do so the blessings will come. There are many blessings around you but you cannot see them when you are rapped up in your own doubts and fears. Allow the fire to burn up all your fears.


Queen of Wands: Take this week to honor what you feel and act on it. The higher that you vibrate and act in love, more of that will come into your life. You are creating your world, and many people love your strong and outgoing personality, but you are no fun to be around if all you do is complain. Count your blessings, and more is sure to come!


The Lovers: Balance out the divine feminine and masculine within you, honor both as each play a specific part in your life. Open yourself up to the knowledge that, masculine gives and feminine receives. How can you use this in your everyday life with what you do? Make sure to follow the guidance of both within.


The Star: Many great changes have taken place in your life this year, all to teach you more about yourself, and what you are truly willing to fight for. This is a time of hope and inspiration, as many doors are all around you, but you have yet to open them. Take stock of what you truly want and go after it with all your might! If this year has taught you anything, it is that you are a superhero!


The Magician: This is your time to shine, as the Sun is radiating your power into the heavens and back into the Earth! Take action through the masculine energy right now to focus on your goals and plans, as you do so you are creating a perfect space for miracles to come in!


The High Priestess: Listen. You must go deep this week, and put all the pieces you have been missing in your life, together. Look beyond the normal way of doing things, and trust in the magical arts that are within you. This is a time of allowing things to flow, and not to be in the masculine energy. It will all come together when you allow it to.


The Emperor: Balance your energy as sometimes you come off too strong, or assert your power where it is not needed. The masculine energy must be balanced with the feminine, and with such you need to learn when to take action and when to sit back and allow. The Emperor is mighty and powerful, but with such he must listen to his community and supporters seeing as they know what is best for them as well.


Page of Wands: Step into your passions and give yourself a fighting chance at your dreams. This is not the time to sit on the sidelines of your own life, take action! Do not suppress your feelings or power, instead dig deep and pull out all of your spirit and let it lead you!


The World: Remember that you are whole no matter what your circumstances are or who is around you. You need to devote yourself to your own world, as the support and connection will come around to help you work together in order to achieve your dreams. Make sure to put yourself first and give back to yourself as well.


Judgment: Now is the time to decide what you truly want in your life. You have learned many lessons over the past few months, and have done tremendous growth. What have you learned about yourself in the process of transformation? Keep calling in more of what you want and do not sensor your own life.


Knight of Swords: You are much more smarter then you give yourself credit for. Many people rely on you to make a change for others. Make sure all your actions are of support to others, but first and foremost it must be for yourself. Trust your inner authority, as you are ahead of your time and most people do not understand what it is that you have to say, but they will follow suit.


Ace of Swords: There is much possibility open to you right now, but you must speak and state what is truly in your mind. What do you ultimately see for you life? Envision it, and re-master it. Examine and see what pieces of your life fit and which ones do not. Do all the pieces help you to accomplish your dreams and be a better person or no? Get rid of the ones that have expired. You will have much clarity once you remove the baggage, but remember you will be tested. Find the truth in your life and take action.

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