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Auric for Prune: Energy Tarotscope 8-7 to 8-13

Story by Michelle Fedrizzi

AURIC for Prune

The energy is going to be extremely high this week, so buckle up!

We are almost through the wire as we finish this week off with a New Moon Solar Eclipse on Saturday, closing the cycle of three consecutive eclipses. This New Moon will be helping you to release any excess baggage you have not been able to release. By the end of this Eclipse all that pain that has come to the surface will all be worth it, as you have finally been renewed and restored.

We have Venus entering into Libra on Monday, which will help us to balance out and see all the beautiful, love and new blessings that are now starting to blossom in our lives. Uranus goes Retrograde on Tuesday, adding to the list of six other planets and asteroids that are currently already retrograding. Uranus will help us to break free of any restraints in our mind and in our lives that are blocking us from living our best lives!

We are literally getting a fresh new start at the end of the week so now is the time to take advantage of it!


Five of Swords

This week may be tough as you fight the battles within your mind to move forward on your dreams. You must fight through and use your fire energy to open up your mind to a new way of seeing the situation this will help you to move through it quickly.


Nine of Wands

You may feel like you have been fighting an upheaval battle and that you will never win. Step back and know that you have given it your all and you are exhausted, so stop fighting and just flow. When you step into flow and love, the fight you are fighting will diminish, and you will be more energized and able to see the magic taking place in your life.


The Hermit

It is time to go within and block out all the noise that is surrounding you at this time. Listen to the messages and revise your plans as you sit in silence this week. We cannot move forward until we learn the lessons, knowledge and wisdom they bring to our life.


King of Cups

Balance your creativity and emotions this week, as the energy is extremely high. Use your emotional maturity when people approach you with their issues and problems, as they may be in awe as you are more stable then most this week. Use your levelheadedness to create some magic!


Six of Pentacles

You are being directed to understand what balance really means when it comes to giving and receiving this week when it comes to money, relationships, health and monetary values. What does it mean to give, and what are other ways you can give to brighten someone’s day? Whatever you give will always come back!


Nine of Pentacles

Play in the arts this week as they have many lessons to share with you. Get inspirited with the creativity that comes through and disciple yourself to bring them into fruition. You are more creative then you think.


Three of Wands

Where do you see your current limitations in your desires and dreams? Step back and reassess your ideas and surroundings, as where you are trying to go might not be your journey. Listen to your heart and follow your own path.


Ace of Cups

Get out and start to find other ways to connect with people, this week. You are being guided by spirit and your heart to start connecting with your tribe and like minded people. You do not have to do everything in your life and dreams alone, get support.


Ten of Cups

You are at peace with all the changes that have been taking place in your life so far. You have put in a lot of work and sacrifice lately, enjoy your blessings and open your heart to more.


Page of Swords

You are going through a learning period and growth, be a kid at heart to take in all the lessons and knowledge at this time. Your energy will be renewed in about a week and you will be happy you enjoyed your time during the season of growth.


Five of Cups

You may be feeling like you have lost a lot in your life, but darling this is only the beginning. You must lose some things in your life in order to make room for new. Many blessings will be entering your life after this last Eclipse, hold on just bit longer.


Ace of Pentacles

Your dreams are more real then you think. The only person who can stop themselves from living their dream is themselves. What does your dreams look like, and who do you want to share them with? Really get real with yourself and stop blocking your blessings. They are all in front of you.

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