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Auric for Prune: Energy Tarotscope Week of 8/1 - 8/5

Story by Michelle Fedrizzi

AURIC for Prune

The Eclipse last week shook up our world, and brought to the surface much about ourselves that we were withholding.

As we embark into August, there will be a still silence this week to help up rebalance, align and understand how we want to implement the information we recently learned about ourselves.

Emotions still may be high, but now is the time to navigate through the waters and embrace our inner warrior as we navigate through the darkness.

Do not take quick action this week, rather instead continue to create a solid foundation, so that when the waters clear by the last Eclipse, you will be able to leap forward!


The Magician

You create the world you want. Stand in your power and start to trust yourself in a new launch or idea that is present. You were born to do this. The question is do your trust yourself enough? The right resources will always come, when you command them. Start using your power.


Five of Pentacles

You may be feeling as though the world is against you right now and that your luck has completely changed. Often times it is not that our luck has changed but we have, and so has our mindset. Take some time to reevaluate your mindset and your outlook on the changes. Don’t set yourself up for failure you deserve so much more. Open yourself up to the blessings you get to have in this lifetime.


Knight of Pentacles

You are loyal to your cause and the people around you and this will be rewarded. The opportunity to shine and be highly valued for your hard work will come into fruition sooner then you think!


Queen of Swords

It is time to get honest with yourself. Where in your life have you been holding yourself back? A little bit of constructive criticism is always good, if you take it and apply it to your needs. Time to start using you inner strength and go the extra mile!


King of Pentacles

Get resourceful and grounded in the work that you are doing whether that is a business, or your career. You are able to take the calculated risks right now and be highly favored, as the Sun is in your sign, which is creating power for you for anything you do.


Four of Pentacles

What are you holding onto that is needed to be released? You could be holding onto unhealthy relationships, habits, situations or even possessions that are only taking up space in your life and hurting you. Not everything is going to be perfect, but if you trust the timing in your life and let go of what your holding onto, you will receive miracles.


Three of Wands

You are finally moving forward in your life in more areas then one! You have a newfound freedom, which was calling you for years. What will you do with this freedom? Do you want to create your own calling or live someone else’s? Time to start living your own life!


Ace of Cups

Now is a good time to bring in something new into your life, whether that is a friend, hobby or even some newfound self-love. Start to use your skills of depth to connect and tap into those who need some extra TLC. You are highly blessed and may take it for granted, share the wealth.


King of Cups

It is time to find the balance within your mind, body and soul. Many changes have taken place lately in your life and you may need to refocus at this time. What is your heart saying to do? Do you allow your feelings to get in the way or can you keep moving forward in balance to create what is needed? Put you first, not everyone has the same long-term goals, and that is okay, but you will be glad you went with your needs first, always.


King of Wands

Take control of your life this week as you embark onto a new beginning. You are to stand in a position of fearlessness, freethinking and to be of service as you hold your position of power. Other people are looking up to you, and all that you will achieve. How do you hold your posture in life?


Nine of Cups

You have gone through a lot over the past few years, and your luck is about to change. The experiences were there to help you understand your power, heal and realign. You are on track and many blessings, recognition and celebration is coming to you, sooner then you think!


The Fool

You are about to step into a new chapter in your life and it will require a lot of faith in yourself. Trust that you get to be a better person now and not make the same mistakes from the past. Build a solid foundation in trust, truth and faith. You call the shots. How do you want everything around you to look?

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