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Auric for Prune: Weekly Energy Tarotscope for 7/23-7/29

Story by Michelle Fedrizzi

AURIC for Prune

This week we are reminded to come back into balance as we shift into the second Eclipse of the season.

There has been deep transformation, death and rebirth within ourselves and our outer world the past month, and doesn’t seem to lighten up anytime soon. The growing pains keep getting deeper and our wounds are just starting to heal. We are now becoming more of our truest self, than we ever have been before.

The upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius this Friday brings in and awakens the energy of the future within each and every one of us. We are reminded this week that we get to stand in our power and the only moment we have is, now. Each moment we are taking steps to creating our future.

What does yours look like?


Two of Swords

Now is not the time to deny your inner deepest feelings and emotions. Open up your heart and listen to what needs to come out from your depths. Take everything that you feel and start using it to express yourself in a creative way.


Page of Pentacles

You have many opportunities this week to bring in prosperity into your life, whether that be in relationships or in monetary ways. Trust in your sign, to bring in comfort and enjoyment whenever you need it.


Nine of Cups

Now is the time to start enjoying everything around you, including yourself. Look at how far you have come over the past couple of years, through transformation within and outer. Live your life!



You made it through the deep muddy waters and learned a great deal about yourself during your Cancer Season. With each transformation, we must learn to let parts of ourselves die off that no longer resonate with who we are trying to become. Time to reinvent yourself!


Ten of Wands

Try not to get caught up and put too much pressure on yourself with all the work that you need to get done this season. Take breaks and go out and let some steam off, but remember to balance out your work and play time.


Five of Wands

You may be fighting your environment or it maybe fighting you right now, but that just means it is time to evolve and step into something new. You no longer fit in the space and it is letting you know its time to bring in new.


Ten of Cups

Take this week to sit in reflection and bring in inner peace. Start counting your blessings and spend some time with family. Do not be at war with yourself, you are more abundant then you know.


Queen of Pentacles

This week share some of your kind heart with others and support them in their environment and goals. You get to bring in resources to others and share in the riches, together.



This week it is time to find some middle ground and get balanced within your mind, body and soul. Everything that has recently taken place in your life, has all been done by divine intervention, trust the process.


Four of Swords

Your focus will start to shift this week, take some time to get some rest, as you are about to embark on a new chapter in your life. Stillness holds a lot of rewards for you, if you open yourself up.


Seven of Cups

It is time to let everything go! Your past has been holding you for way to long. Time to clean house and start bringing your goals into reality. The universe supports you; just let it show you what it’s made of.


Page of Swords

There will be many challenges this week for you, but you get to decide what is worth your energy and what is not. Do not let the trials get the best of you.

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