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Auric for Prune: Energy Tarotscope for 7/16-22

Story by Michelle Fedrizzi

AURIC for Prune

The waters are finally settling down after last week’s energy of the Cancer New Moon Eclipse.

Last week was intense as it brought everything to the surface. A lot of emotions, and pain that we may have not, or fully dealt with yet were boiling up and showing us that they will not go away until we have acknowledged it and healed it.

We are dealt a new hand this week, as we transition into understanding and seeing how we want to proceed with our lives as we learned more about ourselves and our situations. As the fog clears and the waters settle we are asked to flow through as the floodgates begin to open up for us.

We are now able to access the divine messages even clearer then before, so use the messages to step into a rebirth and new direction that has been laid out for you. The New Moon made sure you align us with your soul purpose; you either get to fight or swim, so make it easy on yourself. Get clear on what you want to create and what message you would like to share with the world. Remember only YOU, can do your soul mission. More then ever it is time to step into your mission. Are you ready?

Energy Tarotscope for 7/16-22


Eight of Pentacles:

Take this time to really concentrate and put the blinders on so that you can focus on what you are working on. You will gain quicker results when you silence the noise around you.



When one door closes another opens. This New Moon really worked its magic on you! We must have death in our lives in order to make room for new including ourselves. Great change is on the horizon, if only you allow it in!


Ace of Pentacles:

Great possibility and prosperity is coming to you, even if you don’t recognize it yet. Start paying attention to your thoughts and any divine guidance that may be taking place at this time to lead you in that next direction you have been waiting for.



It is time to bring your world back into balance. You may be sitting in between worlds waiting for an answer, but you already have the answer. The universe is literally assisting you with divine timing, and working everything out for you at this time. Trust that the universe knows exactly what you need at all times.


Ten of Pentacles:

Step into and take advantage of the lion energy that is within you. You have much wealth and success coming to you when you step into everything you really embody! Dictate what you want and go get it!


Nine of Wands:

Do not let the past control you and hold relevance in your life today. Proceed with caution, as you or a loved one may be hurt at this time and need to gain strength and heal the wounds that have come to the surface. Find out where these wounds come from and release them for good.


Six of Pentacles:

It is time to make things balanced in your life, by giving more back. Where in your life do you want to see fortune rise? Give in all areas and you monetary needs will always be met.


Knight of Swords:

Do you have trouble speaking your mind or saying what you need in life from yourself or others? Start to speak clearly with intellect and precision, people want to hear what you have to say!


Queen of Cups:

Now is the time that you get to step into your love for yourself and for others around you during this time. People really are taking the energy hard and your tender heart and charisma can help them get out of their funk. Hold space for your loved ones, as you never know what battle they may be fighting.


King of Pentacles:

You get to step into your GOAT role and help people around you. Anything you touch is golden, and you may take this for granted. Many people do not have this trait and discipline needed, teach them your ways and step into the leader role that you embody.


Nine of Swords:

It is time to release the pain that you have been carrying along with you for so many years. When you lighten the load you can finally fly! Get some energy work done and go outside and be with nature, listen to the beauty in the world instead of the negative.



It is time to face the light and do what needs to be done, if you don’t the past will continue to haunt you. Do what is fair. You create your own karma in life, how do you want it to look for you?

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