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AURIC for Prune: New Moon Tarotscope

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer

Get ready to catapult your life into a new direction!

We are shifting into a Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer, bringing in a wave of emotions, inspired changes and the expansion of our souls.

This New Moon is full of Cancer energy bringing out the power and soothing nurturing spirit of the mother, and the connection to the family and home. During the Eclipse season we will feel inspired to heal old wounds from the past, make peace with others, and ourselves and even create a closer bond with family and friends. As we look deep within our hearts we begin to expand and heal, by doing the deep work of healing our families lineage. As we begin to do the healing work of our ancestors this allows us to open up and tap into our power, by bringing out parts of ourselves to the surface that we didn’t even know we were missing. Now is the time to bring everything into our awareness to heal and create a new reality for ourselves. Don’t forget, the Universe is on our sides!

Here’s the scoop on your energy forecast Tarotscope (Sun // Moon // Rising) for the upcoming New Moon in Cancer.


Six of Pentacles:

Now is the time to create a new relationship and story around Money, the old one is no longer serving you. You need to bring into balance the give and take ratio in your life when it comes down to money and charity. Remember what you give freely will come back tenfold.


Nine of Swords:

You may feel as though your waking life is full of stress and loss of direction. The bed that you thought you were making for your life is no longer what it seemed to be. What story do you keep replaying in your mind that is no longer serving you? It is time to wake up from this bad dream and create a new reality.


Six of Swords:

It’s time to turn over a new leaf! You are heading into a new direction, but need to release some extra baggage to move quicker to your destination. Release those hurts and pains that keep holding you back, push forward and don’t look back!


Eight of Wands:

Things in your life are starting to pick up the pace, as anticipation and excitement is the new norm for you. Use your creativity to bring you into new possibilities and everything will fall into place. This is your Moon, and your time to shine. Time to stand in your power!


Knight of Pentacles:

Good things come to those who wait. Your finances may increase in the next coming weeks, pay attention to opportunities that will be coming your way. Don’t get stuck on old traditional ways of doing things. Be creative and let that spark fly to open up that next door.


The Hanged Man:

There is an art in allowing the unknown to unfold in front of your eyes and trusting in it. You may see the truth different then the way others do, but this is your super power. Allow yourself to get more insight before making the next step, trust your gut, even if everyone is telling you the opposite. Take some time to mediate and be alone to see your own truth without cloudiness and others judgment.


Two of Cups:

There is a special bond that is forming in your life, trust that this is exactly what you need at this time. All the work that you have done on yourself an in your life has lead up to this very moment. Allow yourself to open your heart and take a chance once again, you never now where it will take you!


Ace of Pentacles:

The light always comes after the darkness nights! Magic is forming in your life in all aspects from wealth to love. The clouds are finally lifting and you can finally see clearly the sun shining down upon you. Open yourself up to all things great!


9 of Swords:

Hang in there and pull through, you will finally start to get the momentum that you have been waiting for. You may have to leave some things behind in order to carry out the ideas, plans and creativity that is apart of your souls mission. Do not worry; you were made for this!


5 of Swords:

There may be a lot of tension in your life lately, whether it is fighting with yourself or others around you, who are secretly in competition with you. You may need to come to a compromise soon in order to release some of the obstacles that are around you.


Four of Pentacles:

You may be blocking your own blessings by trying to control everything in your life. What are you currently holding onto that you need to release in order to make room for the new to come into your life? It may be time to start sharing your blessings in order to bring in more.


Page of Swords:

The blessings are in the words your speak. Watch your tongue during this Eclipse season, you can either bless or curse your own life. Your integrity and character is on the line, so speak and act in which you would like to be seen.

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