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C'est Prune: Britney Young

Introducing Britney Young- You likely recognize her as Carmen, a.k.a. Macchu Picchu on Netflix’s breakout show, GLOW (Season 2 Now Streaming). Not only is Britney a standout character on the highly popular series, but the real-life body positive advocate showcases what it’s like to be a strong woman and gives fans of all types a role model to look up to. Britney shines bright in Young Hollywood & we are so obsessed. Keep on reading and you will learn that stars are people too, find out all about Britney's most embarrassing moment and how she survived her Tinder date from HELL.

Dress and earrings: Proud Mary Fashion Boots: Jeffrey Campbell X La’Shaunae

PRUNE: Describe yourself in 150 Characters or Less

BRITNEY YOUNG: ‪I am kind, funny, intelligent, curious and optimistic. An avid bookworm and lover of film, tv, cheesecake, a good board game and a nice nap‬.

PRUNE: Your biggest virtue?

BRITNEY YOUNG: I’m very supportive. My friends and family often say that I am a caregiver. I like to make sure that the people i surround myself with are having a good time, that they are comfortable and that they know how much I appreciate them.

PRUNE: Your biggest vice?

BRITNEY YOUNG: Ooooo! Personality wise, I would say sometimes I’m afraid of being mean so I often don’t speak up if I’m unhappy or uncomfortable with something. Physically my biggest vice has to be ice cream. Give me a big bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough and I’m down for the count!

PRUNE: Favorite Quote?

BRITNEY YOUNG: I don’t really have a favorite quote. I find that I am drawn to things and react to things different depending on what’s happening or has happened in my life. So different sayings speak to me at different times. But usually anything positive and insightful I always try to keep in mind.

PRUNE: An embarrassing moment?

BRITNEY YOUNG: I don’t really embarrass easily, to be honest. I do remember in high school during my speech for class President the moderator had asked why would I make a good class president. I said because i was friendly and probably talked to every person in our class at least once. Someone from the audience yelled out, “we haven’t spoke.” I felt pretty silly, like I had just lied to everyone and got caught. A few years ago though I had dinner with a group of friends from high school and we talked about our most embarrassing moment and I said that was mine. My friend Ashley then asked if I remembered what I did next? I said I didn’t. She told me that after my speech I walked into the audience and sat down and had a conversation with that student. After she told me that, that part of the memory came back. Funny how your mind edits things that have happened to you, depending on your feeling at that time.

PRUNE: 3 things you swear by daily.

BRITNEY YOUNG: I do the following things at least once everyday: laugh, sing and dance. They all put me in a good mood and keep my spirits up, so I make sure to do them all once a day to keep an optimistic attitude.

PRUNE: What are you working on?

BRITNEY YOUNG: I’m currently working on developing some TV shows and films of my own. Meeting with writers and discussing ideas, it’s been an absolute blast. I’d love to have my own production company one day, and would love to produce and direct so I’m excited to get back to my production roots and take this step into the development side of the film and television business.

PRUNE: Where can we find you on the weekend?

BRITNEY YOUNG: At home reading.

PRUNE: What are you binge watching?

BRITNEY YOUNG: I’m not a binger. I still like taking my time watching my tv shows. I’m currently obsessed with “Pose” on FX. The cast is amazing, MJ Rodriguez and Billy Porter deserve all the awards! I love that show is so authentic in its storytelling and character development.

PRUNE: What is your skin care routine?

BRITNEY YOUNG: I don’t really have one. I had bad acne as a teenager and used so many creams and stringents, so when my acne went away I let my face breath and don’t put anything on it except face lotion and sunscreen when I go out in the sun.

PRUNE: What song are you playing on repeat?

BRITNEY YOUNG: “Sweat” by The System. Alison Brie and Shakira Barrera do a break dance routine to this song in episode 2 of the second season of GLOW. Ever since I watched the scene it’s been stuck in my head and on repeat while I’m at the gym. It’s the ultimate pump up jam!

PRUNE: What did you do on your last date?

BRITNEY YOUNG: Ha, I’ll keep that between me and my date :)

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PRUNE: What went wrong on your worst date?


BRITNEY YOUNG: I went on a Tinder date a few years ago that ended horribly and actually scared me off the site. I met a guy for coffee and when he showed up he didn’t look like his profile picture. But me, being nice, figured that I must’ve been thinking about another one of my matches. We grabbed our coffees and went to go sit, when he asked if I wanted to walk around the block. I said sure and a few minutes later we stop in front of a car on a side street when he opened the door and said get in. I was so confused and said no thank you, so he reached around my shoulders to guide me in the car and I ducked under his arms, walked away, pulled out my phone and called my mom to tell her my cross streets. Next thing I heard was car wheels screeching and him pulling out onto the main road. I deleted my account right when I got home.

PRUNE: Where can we follow you?

BRITNEY YOUNG: A follow would be very sweet of y’all, I appreciate it. I’m on Instagram at @britneyyoung and Twitter at @ItsBritneyYoung

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