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How to find your true foundation shade

Story by Gianluca Russo @g_russo1

Finding the perfect foundation shade to match your skin tone may seem like an impossible task. Especially during the summer months when tanning is in full effect, how can you find the right color products? After all, having a perfect shade of foundation is the basis for slaying a makeup look. Thankfully, Celebrity Makeup Artist Alisa Chompupong is here to help. She went ahead and laid out her top tips for how to get the right foundation shade and her advice is nothing short of perfect.

“Most of us have a face color that is different than our necks due to sun exposure and differing exfoliation rates,” Chompupong said. “You can choose to find a color that is right down the middle, or if you prefer the color of your neck vs. face, for example, you can color match that.” She added, “Start by choosing 3 colors that appear to be closest to your skin tone and with each, draw a vertical stripe down your jaw and onto your neck. Also, dot these same colors onto your forehead, as the color there may also be different.”

Make sure to give the product a few minutes to dry and oxidize as the color may change slightly because of this. From there, the next step is to check the shade. “Grab a mirror and get yourself over to a source of natural light. Stand by a window, or an open door, or even outside if it’s a bit shaded. Department stores have artificial, overhead lighting that can alter the color you see, and even too bright, direct sunlight can throw your perception as well,” Alisa explained. She added, “Compare the stripes you have made: Did any of the colors blend completely and disappear into your skin? Or if your face and neck are different colors, was there one that fell right into the middle, or one that matched your neck, if that’s what you preferred? Did that same color blend into your forehead as well?”

Did the color match your skin? Great! You’ve found a match! But that doesn't mean you should stop there. No, keep shopping, Chompupong recommends.“Some of my clients’ foreheads are a little bit darker than the rest of their face and I will mix a darker color to go towards the hairline. Applying a too-light color there will result in an unflattering, greying of the skin. Some people also like to have two options: a Summer shade and Winter shade and be able to customize according to their changing complexions throughout the year.”

But if you’re in a jam and didn’t have time to pick up multiple shades, there’s no need to fret. Alisa is here to save the day once again. “If your face and neck colors are different, be sure to apply foundation to both to help reduce the difference,” she recommended. “If your foundation is a bit too light, or too light in spots (like forehead), you can warm it up with some bronzer or a warm foundation powder or contour. If your foundation is a little too dark, apply with a light hand and blend very well. Use a slightly lighter concealer to highlight under eyes, brow bones, cheekbones and bridge of the nose to brighten up the face.”

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