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AURIC for Prune: Crystal Energy and Healing with Jewelry

Crystal Energy

Story via AURIC

Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique in which crystals cure various ailments, protect again dis-ease and align your energy. The philosophy of crystal healing is based on the life energy (prana/chi/qi/ki) connecting the physical and supernatural elements of the body.

Crystals are alive and each carry their own frequency and specific properties. The crystals energy flows and interacts with our own unique energy and the exchange is very healing and powerful. Since the energy has consciousness of its own you do not need to tell the energy of the crystals what to do as it already knows what to do. Some fun things to do with your crystals are mediate with them, sleep with them, place them on your work station, and even place them in your water your drinking to charge up the water. Whether you want to start and have your own crystal journey or get energy healing done with them, you are sure to have a beautiful experience.

I do want to note, with the uprising in the holistic wellness industry, big companies and others are trying to capitalize on crystals and they are being man made, mined harshly, taken from Gaia and a lot of crystals are dead. I know many people who have bought crystals that are dead and walking around with them in their pocket thinking they are getting healing, when in fact they are just walking around with a dead crystal. I am not saying they are all dead, but know where your crystals come from, make sure the person you get them from takes care of them and treats them as they are alive, you will feel the difference. If you are unsure go with your gut, it always best to let to crystal call to you, as they choose you!

Healing with Jewelry

Your body is your temple and how you ornament it becomes the altar. Each jewel you place on your temple stems from ancient times and channeling/enhancing knowledge you possess. Honey, you have been doing this for centuries!

To focus the energy on your body place jewelry with crystals in specific areas to either enhance, clear and/or protect. The intention you place in each plus the crystal energy creates a powerful union to help you achieve the results you are looking for. If you are looking to get in touch and hear messages from your ancestors you can wear their old jewelry and ask the questions you are seeking answers to. To cleanse your ear chakras wear Selenite, Clear Quartz, Onyx or Diamonds earrings, seeing as we hear many negative things throughout the day it is so important to clear your ear chakras.

When you wear jewelry on your left side of your body you channel your internal self whereas wearing jewelry on your right helps you to take action. By placing jewelry in the center of your body you help with spiritual growth and clear the channels within all of your chakras. If you are interested in rings, you can increase personality traits, for example your ring finger activates creativity whereas your index finger improves confidence. You can also place rings on your toes to increase fertility.

Overall go with what you feel is right for you, seeing as you know what is best for you and what intentions you need at that time. Beautify and crystalize your temple!

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