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Chloe Lukasiak

I had a standing date every Tuesday night to watch Chloe Lukasiak on Dance Moms with my own mom back when the show aired. Now, the 16 year old platinum blonde has not only achieved international stardom for her captivating dancing routines, but has also cultivated a loyal following that supports her in all other ventures outside of her rond de jambes. Chloe has grown volumes since America first fell in love with her after watching her breathtaking performances on ABC’s Dance Moms. With personal endeavors independent of her lyrical performances ranging from her first book: “Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World” (released January 23rd) to roles in A Cowgirl’s Story and Loophole, as well as modeling, she has proven to be a true one woman show.

People all over the world gravitate to Chloe’s charismatic personality which is clearly conveyed when seeing her millions of followers across all major social media platforms. If you don’t believe me, head over to her Instagram for an aesthetically pleasing snack that I am guilty of devouring on the regular; I only wish she tagged her ‘grammable locations in hopes that we too could attempt to make our own Instagrams that alluring. As one of Chloe’s over 1.4 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, I can now fully navigate my way around her room in Pittsburgh as well as her L.A. apartment while also retaining essential tips on how to destress and pack my next carry-on bag. My obsession with her crisp elegant all white room decor leaves me wondering if there’s some kind of application process I could go through to move in; Okay, probably not, but at least an invite to a slumber party in her sleepover room? I’ll bring the snacks Clo!

Chloe is currently promoting her very first book, “Girl on Pointe: A Girl’s Guide to Taking on the World”, and will be traveling to four major cities to do a book signing starting on this Tuesday, the 23rd, in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Her book tour ends on the 27th in Los Angeles at the Grove, however, her book will be available for purchase at all major book retailers if you are not geographically fortunate enough to buy it at one of her book tour locations. So if you thought Chloe Lukasiak was only a dancer that had to face the unforgivable wrath of Abby Lee all too often, grab a copy of her inspiring biography on the way to your next Instagram shoot location and read about her ambitious life first hand.






Skirt and Jacket: Mary Me Jimmy Paul

Shirt: Single

PRUNE: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your first book: “Girl on Pointe: Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World”. This is a big step for you and I think it’s great that you can share your story and insight with young girls who view you as their role model. If you could go back in time and give your younger self this book to read, what age would you have given it to yourself? Do you think reading it at a younger age would have made your career different than it is today, and what are the key points you would have taken away from the book back then?

CHLOE: Thank you so much. Yes, it is great. I hope they enjoy the book. I would have to say 12 because I think I really could have used a book like this. Possibly, yes. At that time, my confidence was really nowhere to be found and I didn’t really believe in myself like one should.

Bodysuit: Paradise Ranch Designs

Vest & Pants: Mary Me Jimmy Paul

PRUNE: One reason why I think people love you so much is that you and your mom have the iconic mom and daughter duo relationship that makes a big part of your lifestyle easy to relate to. Tell us about some of the crazy adventures you and your mom have had while traveling and working in this industry.

CHLOE: My mom and I have had lots of crazy adventures together but I think the best one is reconnecting through my teen years. We are obviously incredibly close but, of course, being a teenager means you have lots of mood swings and you’re mom isn’t always your favorite. We still fight but I feel like we worked through the hardest part of transitioning into the teen years. There was a brief period where we weren’t as close as we were before and now, I think we are closer than ever.

PRUNE: Seeing how dancing has made you into a graceful and determined young lady, do you think you will encourage your children to enter the world of dance as well?

CHLOE: Oh gosh, I feel like I’m still a child! No children yet! Lol but possibly. I’ve had lots of opportunities to observe different dynamics between parents and children and I’ve come to realize that something that will be very important for me as a parent will be to let them pursue whatever they want, while still encouraging to try something at least.

PRUNE: Your Instagram in popping! I feel personally connected to you as it showcases the genuine Chloe and is not a constant highlight reel. Give us some advice as to how you pose in front of scenic backgrounds to take these eye catching photos.

CHLOE: Thank you! You really just have to learn your own angle and lighting. It took me a while but find a few poses that are comfortable for you and find your angles.

PRUNE: You spoke at one of the Hello Neighbor events, a Pittsburgh organization that puts on events to help refugee families integrate more into their new communities and mentor them for their new lives. How has this newly founded local organization further fueled your drive for world peace?

CHLOE: Absolutely. I met wonderful people while attending the event and it certainly inspired me to work harder and do more good things.

PRUNE: If you could dance with anyone you wanted, dead or alive, who would it be and what song would you dance with them to?

CHLOE: My sister! I want to do a duet but she told me she needs a few more years lol. We would probably dance to a song by Florence and the Machine because we both love their songs.

PRUNE: I know you have quite the shoe collection, what is your favorite pair at the moment? If you had to live the rest of your life in one pair of shoes (can be a pair that you don’t own or aren’t invented) what pair would you choose?

CHLOE: My favorite pair at the moment is my thigh high Stuart Weitzman black boots. Oh, that’s tough. I’m such a sneaker AND heel girl that it would be hard to choose.

PRUNE: How many different playlists do you have on your phone? Tell us the one you listen to the most and list some of the songs we would find in there.

CHLOE: I have about 8 playlists on my phone. I actually don’t listen to one more than others. I have them all for different reasons so I use all of them frequently. For example, one is called sleep and I turn it on when I’m traveling and want to sleep but also want to listen to music.

PRUNE: You are very close with your sister Clara who also has her own YouTube channel, Clara’s World. Has creating YouTube videos with her become one of your favorite sisterly bonding activities?

CHLOE: It certainly is one of them! I absolutely adore my little sister and I think she is one of the best people in the world. We try to spend lots of time together when I am home.

Robe & Skirt: Mary Me Jimmy Paul

Sweater: Elinoir Designs

PRUNE: I love that you are so well rounded and have a foot in many different doors in the entertainment industry, are there any things that you aspire to do but haven’t been able to tap into yet?

CHLOE: Not at the moment! I eventually want to try screenwriting or directing or producing but right now, with having just published a book and continuing to act, I am very happy in my bubble.

PRUNE: You have such amazing glowing skin. What are your go to beauty products for skin care as well as some staples we might find in your cosmetics bag?

CHLOE: Thank you! Taking care of my skin is important to me because I’m always traveling and wearing lots of makeup. I use so many different face masks but the one I use the most is from Biologique rechere.

PRUNE: What item do you tend to gravitate towards when you’re out shopping for new wardrobe pieces?

CHLOE: I always end up in the shoe department when I’m shopping for clothes. It’s an issue lol.

PRUNE: If you could trade closets with any other celebrity who would be it and why?

CHLOE: Blake Lively for sure. I’m obsessed with her style.





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