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Cierra Ramirez

I first met Cierra Ramirez while she was in the midst of trying on various looks with Celebrity Stylist Michael St. Michael, for her Prune Mag Cover Story that you're about to devour. My first thought undoubtedly was, “Holy shit, this woman is extraordinarily beautiful”, but quickly became, “Holy shit, this woman is extraordinary sweet and endearing”. Sitting down and talking to Cierra felt like hanging out with your best friend - relaxed, effortless, and extremely entertaining. It’s not often that you meet a celebrity and they’re as wonderful and grounded as you pictured them to be - OK, fine - so maybe I have a small girl crush!

Just like her character in Freeform’s The Fosters, Cierra is all about girl power. The 22 year old actress has had a busy year killing it, from hitting her 100th episode of The Fosters, to releasing her single Faded (feat. Baeza), to announcing her role in Marvel’s new feature Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors.

Because she was so fun to talk to, I had an endless amount of questions for her! If reading everything you need to know about Cierra isn’t enough (what more do you people want?), Prune Magazine delivers a Freeform crossover IRL, as Famous in Love star Niki Koss conceptualized and photographed the entire shoot. So pause whatever episode of The Fosters or Famous in Love that you’re watching right now and snack on this fandom feast.


Editor X Wardrobe Stylist: Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

Photography: Niki Koss @nikikoss

Hair & Makeup: Savannah Ramirez @_makeupsavvy_

Interview: Ally Cron-Devico @allycd

PRUNE: We heard that you just had your table read for the 100th episode of The Fosters, and I want to personally congratulate you on hitting such a milestone! That must be such a good and fulfilling feeling for you and the entire cast and crew after having been together through five seasons. CIERRA: Thank you so much! It's a pretty surreal feeling. I honestly just want to know where the time went, but I couldn't be happier! PRUNE: In the latest episode of The Fosters, your character, Mariana, throws an alternative prom in a warehouse. Can you tell us a little about your own prom? CIERRA: I was living here in LA for my senior year, however, I did get to experience my own prom back home in Houston! I'll always be grateful that I was able to go, it was so much fun! PRUNE: In this day and age, it’s so important to have female characters with intellectual and compassionate substance for young girls to look up and relate to. In The Fosters, Mariana is a straight-A student and a born leader, but she is definitely not immune to peer pressure and doing what she thinks she has to to “fit in”. Talk to us about what makes playing this empowered and multi-layered female character so imperative during this political climate.

CIERRA: Wow, I love this question! One thing I've always admired about my character, Mariana, is that she can do whatever she puts her mind to whether that be dance, roller derby, or coding. Growing up is hard, and while everyone goes through it, Mariana dealt with a lot of identity issues due to growing up in the foster system & not being familiar with her heritage. It's been fun to see her growth. She's finally becoming comfortable in her own skin, and her inspiring range of interests show that.

ABOVE- DRESS: ALL SAINTS Below - Faux Fur Coat: Vintage (similar) - Heels: Tuk

PRUNE: If you could look into the future and see your character Mariana in twenty years, what do you think you would see? CIERRA: I could see her doing something with technology that involves a big group of women. She's all about coding and girl power! PRUNE: Earlier this year you released the single Faded (feat. Baeza). Who are your biggest influencers when you’re creating music? CIERRA: Wow where do I begin? Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, Jessie Reyes PRUNE: Out of all those people that you listed, who would you do karaoke with, who would you take to Disneyland, and who would you go on a 2 week road trip with? CIERRA: Karaoke with Frank, but I don't think I would chime in, I'd just let him do his thang! Ma girl Jessie at Disneyland, I feel like that would be a blast. A 2 week road trip with Rihanna would be a dream. We're already best friends in my head. PRUNE: You recently announced that you’ll be in Marvel’s new feature Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors as America Chavez, AKA Miss America. Talk to us about voicing Marvel’s first queer Latina superhero! CIERRA: Ah!! Yes! I couldn't be more excited!! It's a huge honor to be apart of Marvel's next generation of heroes. The thing I think I love most about it, is there really is a hero for anyone to resinate with. The secret warriors are all different shapes, sizes, backgrounds. It shows that we're all super heroes!

Dress: All Saints - Heels: TUK

PRUNE: Imagine you're spending the night in wrapped in cozy blankets and watching a movie.... what are you snacking on? CIERRA: Boom chicka pop kettlecorn! I think I could eat a bag a night! Or dates with peanut butter!!! PRUNE: What’s on your go-to playlist when you’re getting ready for a night out? CIERRA: Probably some riri or Beyoncé, any feel good stuff that makes me feel like a queen. PRUNE: What’s something in your closet that might not be the most fashionable accessory per say, but you can’t help but wear it anyway? CIERRA: Probably my favorite pair of boots I can't get rid of. They should definitely be retired, but I don't have the heart to give them up. PRUNE: If you could see one fashion trend burn and die, what would it be? CIERRA: Crocs. I mean why are they still a thing? PRUNE: Finally, because we can never have too many things on our queue: what’s your guilty pleasure show to binge on Netflix? CIERRA: Well I'm sure the rest of the world can agree with me that Stranger Things is the best on Netflix. I think I watched the latest season in a day. But I'm super into The Mick right now. I've cried laughing watching episodes.

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