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Dylan Schmid

Catch Dylan Schmid on Shut Eye (Hulu). He plays Nick Havenford, the son of a scam artist psychic, who's every move is controlled by a gang of gypsies. Its the Soprano's of sleazy psychics, and is chalk full of twisted suspense and supernatural drama. We sat down with Dylan to find out what's going on in Season 2.

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Prune: Netflix and Hulu have taken Hollywood by storm, producing some of the most-watched movies and series, ever. You’ve had a chance to star in productions from both. Talk to me about 2017 and the projects you were involved with this year.

Dylan: 2017 has been an incredible year, I've not only learned more about myself and the career path I want to take, but also what it’s like to live alone in a brand new huge city by myself. I was blessed too work on two, insanely beautiful projects with great casts, crew & whole teams in general. Most importantly, they are completely different!

Prune: Talk to us about Shut Eye, what makes the show so addicting?

Dylan: The visuals, and character relations. In my opinion, almost every episode ends with at least two characters feeling differently about each other. It’s an emotional rollercoaster.

Prune: How do you relate to your character Nick, if at all?

Dylan: Recently I've decided Nick and I don't really relate at all, other than some emotional qualities. He keeps to his own, a little more than I would. He would act on situations differently than I would. None of this is necessarily a bad thing, because I don't want to relate with other lives I get to step my feet into.

Prune: Shut Eye has a star studded cast featuring, Jeffrey Donovan, Isabella Rossellini and KaDee Strickland. What is it like to work with such a talented cast?

Dylan: Great would be an understatement. Working on Shut Eye was like experiencing the business from a different angle. This is not just because I’ve never worked in the states before, but also, all the cast had different ways of approaching a set. I learned a lot from that.

Jeans & Jacket: Sync Denim, Shirt: Chaser Brand, Shoes: Bacco Bucci

Jacket: Kenneth Barlis, Shirt: Chaser Brand, Jeans: Sync Denim Shoes: Under Armour

Prune: You are front and center in the Shut Eye season two trailer. What can we expect from your character this season?

Dylan: Definitely another emotional rollercoaster! I almost feel like this time, He’s even more trapped. I can’t wait for everyone to see the season!

Prune: In Season 1 of Shut Eye your on screen girlfriend dies of accidental overdose and your Mom hides the body. How does this storyline carry on for Season 2?

Dylan: Saying anything would give it away but the best part is, you can binge watch to find out! You can stream the full season on Hulu!

Prune: Prior to working on the show, have you ever visited a psychic? If not would you now?

Dylan: I would love to! I think in the future, it would be really interesting, especially if you can find someone legit. Although, I do think knowing the future ruins the excitement.

Jacket: Sync Denim, Shirt: Chaser Brand, Pants: Kenneth Barlis

Jacket: Kenneth Barlis, Shirt: Chaser Brand, Jeans: Sync Denim

Prune: Now Streaming, You were also involved in Netflix’s adaptation of Stephen King’s 1922. Talk to us about this bone chilling film and what makes it so intriguing

Dylan: This role has been the most unique, and character pleasing film I have ever been on to date. Also, the film is based off a Stephen King novella, which made it even more exciting. I fell in love with the character Henry before I even did character backstory. The story provokes a fury of questions. My favorite part is how it almost makes the audience sympathize for, well, someone who's done terrible things.

Prune: Finally we will finish off with Fashion. How would you describe your style?

Dylan: I love light brown, and leather boots. I love sweaters. Although when it comes to my style, I'm sort of all over the place.

Prune: Where can readers follow you?

Dylan: Instagram: @DYLANRSCHMID

Also, I would like to add, I’m leading in a short film that would be made with nothing but love, and will rise a lot of questions in the mental health system. Here is the Kickstarter, along with a little video explaining why I’m so passionate about the short.





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