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DeVore Ledridge

Prune: Amelia Duckworth is your first major role, and you’ve already made a large splash in the industry. Talk to me about your character.

DeVore: Amelia and I are both fashionistas that are totally obsessed with makeup. Amelia's online channel, "Perfect Perfection With Amelia", consists of Makeup, fashion, and DIY project. It has made me want to start my own beauty channel on YouTube! So get ready, to see a lot more videos and content of me and my makeup obsession in 2018!

Prune: Many actors work their whole lives to land a Disney role. How did you acquire Bizaardvark so early in your career?

DeVore: Disney took a chance on me and have forever changed my perspective of what I’m capable of doing in this world! When I first moved to LA, I was told that I should I work on getting rid of my southern accent, which is hilarious because the first major role I booked has me playing a character with a southern accent!

Prune: You became a household name, quickly. What has the experience of being thrown into fame been like thus far?

DeVore: Since Bizaardvark was my first big role I didn't really know what to expect, which was nerve racking at times. To be honest, I love every minute of it! Disney is like a big family, and when I first booked Bizaardvark the kids from different shows welcomed the cast and I with open arms. Now we get to do the same by welcoming all our new family members who join the network! It really was amazing how sweet and inviting everyone was! I always feel at home when on set or with other Disney Channel cast!

Prune: Aside from TV, you have your own channel of beauty, music, lifestyle and comedy videos. Talk to me about these.

DeVore: I’m working on my youtube channel and plan to start posting makeup and beauty tutorials in 2018!! Makeup has always been an obsession of mine and I can’t wait to connect with other beauty influencers like me and show my fans some of my tips.

Prune: You’re an advocate for anti-bullying campaigns and have encountered bullying yourself. How do you hope to use your platform to help others who have experienced the same issues as you?

DeVore: The best advice I have to others getting bullied is to not give a reaction, which I know is hard, but bullies are just taunting you because they know you will get upset. If you don't give them what they want they will get bored and stop! Just remember that you aren't the only one getting bullied, there are other people going through the same thing as you. You are never alone and you can always DM me and talk with me about what's going on!! I love being able to connect and help my fans with any struggles they might be going through.

Prune: When you aren’t working, what can you be found doing?

DeVore: When I'm not on set I’m usually at Crave eating my favorite food, (a strawberry and Nutella crepe), and if I am not at crave then I'm at home watching The Walking Dead, or shopping.

Prune: Your real name is Katherine. What is the story behind DeVore?

DeVore: DeVore is a last name that has been passed down through generations in my family and is also my Dad's middle name! Katheryn is my Mom's middle name. So my parents changed the spelling a little bit and combined their middle names to create Katherine DeVore Ledridge!!

Prune: Who is your celebrity crush?

DeVore: My celebrity crush is Matthew Gray Gubler from the show Criminal Minds. He is such a goofball and quirky guy I just love his personality, and he is sooo cute! I even got a signed picture from him as a wrap gift for season 2 of Bizaardvark from my hairdresser's husband! I cried for at least 30 minutes and it's now my wall paper!!

Prune: What show are you currently binge watching?

DeVore: Season 2 of Stranger Things is about to premiere so I'm 100% sure I will be escaping the outside world and hibernating in my room until I finish the season... IM SO EXCITED!!!

Prune: Time for fashion – what is your everyday style?

DeVore: My everyday style is very unique and tomboy-ish! I wear sneakers every day, with literally everything. I love vintage T shirts and up- cycling clothes! I like to buy guys clothes and cut or stitch them into a cool T shirt.

Prune: What are your three favorite fashion trends at the moment?

DeVore: My three favorite fashion trends at the moment are layered necklaces, vintage tees, and sneakers with dress.

JACKET: Elinoir|SHIRT: Sugar | SHORTS: Res Denim

SHIRT: Elinoir| DRESS: My Single Dress | BOOTS: Wet Seal

SHIRT: Sugar | OVERALLS: Elinoir | SHIRT ON WAIST: 227 World| BOOTS: Wet Seal




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