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COSTUMER: SHON LeBLANC @thecostumehouse

HAIR: TONYA LE @tonya_le_artistry


Prune: You’re young but already have an impressive resume. How did you begin acting?

Sterling: It was a sort of snowball effect. I was doing a lot of modeling and commercials as a young kid. Then my agent recommended I start auditioning for film and TV. I guess you could say it all started way before that though. Anytime my mom would take my to any sort of performance or show I would be obsessed. I would beg her to let me be one of the people entertaining everyone with all the attention and eyes on me. Prune: You made appearances in Lost and The Killing. What did you learn from working on these popular shows?

Sterling: Those are two shows I have been so blessed to be apart of. Both were life changing in different ways. Lost was the show that made this a real career for me. It gave me and opportunity and a platform to elevate myself to a level that took acting from a dream to a reality. The Killing was a show that came in the perfect moment in my career to help me find the steps I wanted to take. Watching amazing artists like Veena Sud and Johnathan Demme really helped me realize how much I wanna be on both sides of the camera! In addition I have been so blessed with the type of projects I've been on. Every preteen child actors dream was a Disney show, I couldn't have been more lucky to not have gotten one because Instead I did these very mature shows at a young age. And being on these type shows allowed me to find the type of actor I want to be so much faster. Prune: You are part of the new generation of young and upcoming actors. Who do you aspire to model your career off of?

Sterling: That is such a hard question because as I always say I look up to anyone who is more successful than me at anything I would like to do. I could make a list a mile long. Off the top of my head, Actors like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who at a young age took their career in to their own hands ,developed their own project, and ended up winning an academy award for it. That project being the amazing "Good Will Hunting" directed by the incomparable Gus Van Sant. Also I aspire and respect actors like Christian Bale for the persistence in finding diverse roles and new characters to play.

Prune: You play Glenn in the new Law & Order True Crime series - The Menendez Murders. Talk to me about your character.

Sterling: Glenn Stevens was Lyle's best friend from Princeton, a Collage Hockey Player. Having been Lyles long time friend, He became Lyle's business partner after the murders and is with Lyle during most key moments leading up to his arrest. He also played a big role in the court trials. Edie Falco stars as Defense attorney, Leslie Abramson.

Prune: Talk to me about the story of the Menendez Murders as a whole.

Sterling: The trial was a cultural phenomena in the 90s. It was right at the same time as OJ and Rodney King. Los Angeles was in a time a distress and they really needed wins. So when these Rich Beverly Hills Brats come along and basically create a TV network (CourtTV) off the trial, they were going to do everything to show them as an example. When the first trials ended up in a hung jury there was a lot of testimony and evidence that was not allowed in the second trial. Law & Order: True Crime The Menendez Murders is premiering on NBC this Fall, Sept. 26th at 10pm. The 8-episode series will follow the infamous case of the brothers who were convicted in 1996 of murdering their parents. In the vein of Ryan Murphy’s OJ series, the show is already getting Emmy buzz for next year.

Prune: The show has quickly been a large topic of conversation. Are you ready for the next level of success in your career?

Sterling: I think every role in my career has been preparing me for the next. Each one building me up as well as humbling me in the right ways. As much as I am ready for and will welcome success, I'm certainly not expecting it from anything. This show will be amazing and receive praise because of the hard work everyone has put in to it. And the next level of success will come from that same hard work.

Prune: Do you have any other upcoming projects?

Sterling:I have a bunch of projects in the works. I've been diving into producing. There is a lot of work still to be done on them all. I should have one to share with you by sometime next year! Prune: You date Niki Koss. What is it like to grow your career alongside someone who understands the industry?

Sterling: Niki Koss is the Bonnie to my Clyde. She is everything one could dream of in a partner. Being in a relationship in this industry is one of the hardest things. It can become competitive and or jealousy can start to form for many different reasons. But with Niki we are constantly helping one another and building each other up. It's a dream.

Prune: We’ll finish with fashion. What is your everyday style?

Sterling:I think I've always described my personal style as edgy prep. I love to suit up but I also love a dank pair of black jeans, suede boots and a sick Tee. Prune: What are your three favorite fashion trends at the moment?

Sterling: Striped pants, oversized tees and high ankles on pants. Prune: Finally, pop culture pruning. What current trend would you like to eliminate?

Sterling: Fidget Spinners. Thank god they are on their way out.





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