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C'est Prune: Marta Pozzan

Editor In Chief: Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

Interview: Dylan Jader @thedylanjader

Photographer: Federica Dall’Orso @federicaphotography

MUA: The GlamApp @theglamapp


Dress - Gucci

Shoes- Aldo

Bag- Aldo

Dress - Gucci

Prune: You’ve made quite a splash in the fashion industry. Where did it all begin?

Marta: I took classical studies in high school and then majored in Literature and Philosophy in Milan and it all felt like a completely different life than the one I’m living now. I wanted to be a writer, I knew that but I also knew there was a lot more to it and soon after I moved to Milan I was so influenced by the city, its vibe, style and cultural atmosphere that I decided I wanted to work in fashion. In what capacity? I didn’t quite know yet but I just knew I was right for it. And things slowly started picking up, I made more contacts in the fashion scene, started working for Silvia Paoli, blogging and social media started becoming a thing and within a year an a half from when I started I had my one way ticket to LA, where I’ve secretly always wanted to live and I knew my life would have really started there and it did.

Prune: You started working as a fashion editor for Silvia Paoli at only age 19. Is this something you always knew you’d wanted to do?

Marta: It kinda just happened without me planning it so much but it was actually something I’ve always wanted to do. Working for Silvia Paoli, then Fashion Editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair Italy, was crucial for my career and one of the best experiences ever. Besides having her column in Vanity Fair, Silvia was also involved in the direction of Lost in fashion , a blog named after her book. I wasn’t only a fashion editor on her staff, but also the host of the fashion newscast ‘Fashion Nuts.’ It was like possibly the best introduction to the fashion industry cause Silvia really took me under her wing and thought me so much about this world that soon after it inspired me to do more and to move to LA.

Prune: You’re involved in a little bit of everything. We’ll talk about the journalism aspects first. What was it like hosting your own daily show and interviewing some of the biggest designers in the world?

Marta: Every day - while working for Silvia - I wrote articles about accessories, new collections and the latest runway looks. But the best part was Milan fashion week. During that time, I hosted news specials and interviewed fashion designers and personalities such as Elio Fiorucci, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, Thom Brown, etc. When I started hosting the fashion newscast ‘Fashion Nuts’ I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in acting. That was my very first time working in front of the camera, except for some other little modeling jobs I did before. I had the chance to work as a television journalist and I loved it. I’ve never thought I could be good at that but it turned out I wasn’t bad at all. After that, I decided that I wanted to study acting and pursue modeling so I came to LA. So far it’s been an amazing journey and I’m very grateful for meeting great people that believed in me and helped me growing professionally and as a person.

Prune: Post-graduation, you started It’s Super Fashion. Talk to me about this blog and the impact it’s had on your life.

Marta: Just after working as a fashion editor for Silvia Paoli, Vanity Fair Italy fashion editor’s blog ( and for my friend the actress Jaime King’s blog for the Huffington Post (Jaime’s Picks), I said to myself: I love it so much, I think I should start writing my own blog. And I did, in 2011, less than a year ago. It was called ItsSuperFashion, and it’s where I share my sense of fashion by styling outfits that combine my European roots with my American life. I don’t just have an unconditional love for fashion but for art as well, which is why I’m developing an ‘Art’ section with Q&As with designers and artists, features on exhibitions and openings. isn’t a street style blog but more editorial since for every shoot I’m creating a short story where the clothes and the outfits serve the aim of telling an idea, a concept or a certain point of view.

Dress - M Missoni

Prune: You’re also a part of the Women to Watch in 2017 campaign. Talk to me about this.

Marta: Yes, it was a campaign in partnership with The Zoe Report, Nordstrom and Keds ‘Women to Watch in 2017’ supporting women making waves in their industry. The mantra is: we champion our ladies to be who they want to be. Go where they want to go’ Women now more than ever are changing the rules of how they build their career, their relationships and their values. And I was super happy to be a part of it cause those are all values I believe in and I strongly feel like I support and live by.

Prune: Aside from journalism, you also model. What collaborations have you currently been working on?

Marta: I feel like I’m more of one of those ‘IG era models’ like a digital brand ambassador/content creator. I’ve been working on social media campaigns for the past 4 years and had to pleasure to work with some dream labels such as KENZO, M Missoni, L’Oreal Paris, BVLGARI, DIESEL, Marc Jacobs, Farfetch and many more. I recently just booked a role in the new KENZO perfume ad and I’m pretty excited about; it will be revealed in 2018.

Prune: You just went back to Milan for fashion week. What were your favorite moments?

Marta: I loved the Versace show, it was a precious tribute to Gianni and I loved that they reunited all the super models and the new media models. The VOGUE Italia x Riccardo Tisci was quite spectacular too, all the red lights, Sky Ferreira’s performance and the avant-gard vibes.

Prune: Overall, you’re just getting started. What does the future hold for you?

Marta: My approach to fashion and brands has always been a bit different. is a curated gallery of images that are art, fashion, cinema, and design-related that feature shoppable products through a story-telling and editorial approach. I’m currently focusing on video content, where I feature brands and clothes through mini fashion films. The goal is, through my work with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, to tell more and more stories in form of short films that can hopefully inspire other women and make them feel like their own stories are being told in a way that feels real, authentic and meaningful. And the idea is to touch subjects and matters that are still a bit untold, showing the different faces of a world that’s not only made of perfect pretty things. So overall, I’m going to keep working on the modeling and social media stuff but really focusing on the video and acting component more and more.

Bomber Jacket and top - I am Isola Marras

Jeans - 3X1 Denim

TOME shirt and jacket

Prune: Let’s finish with more fashion. What is your everyday style?

Marta: My style is edgy and urban, clearly super European and kind of sophisticated at times. I love statement accessories and unexpected matches.

Prune: What are your three favorite fashion trends at the moment?

Marta: tiny rectangular glasses, berets, faux fur cropped jackets and high-heeled biker boots.

Prune: And finally, fashion pruning. What pop culture trend would you like to eliminate?

Marta: The ‘tiny waist’ trend, I just feel like it’s too unrealistic and really high maintenance.





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