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Prune Juice: Mackenzie Sol

Editor: Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

Photographer: Anna Maria Lopez @annamarialopez1

Men's Grooming: Archangela Chelsea @archangelachelsea

Wardrobe: Shaina Feldman @thestylistshaina

Interview: Dylan Jader @thedylanjader


Shirt- Tee Ink

Red Drop Pants- Konus Brand

Prune: At 16-years-old you’re a triple threat. What came first, the singing, dancing, or acting?

Mackenzie: Definitely the singing because both my parents are singers, and then I started playing instruments. The joined a theatre school, which is a huge chain in the UK, and that's when I first started acting and dancing.

Prune: At only 4-years-old you auditioned for the X Factor. Have you always known you wanted to be a performer?

Mackenzie: I was seriously born singing. My whole world has been music, I can't imagine doing anything else.

Prune: Today, you’re currently a part of the Boys of Summer Tour. What is it like to perform alongside fellow top influencers?

Mackenzie: It's amazing – we're having so much fun and all of the guys are great. We're like a big family, especially being around other British kids again has been amazing.

Jacket - A. Tiziano

Shirt - A. Tiziano

Pants- Michael Stars

Prune: After your tour, you will begin voicing your new movie, PUP STAR: BETTER 2GETHER. Are you excited to transition to the big screen?

Mackenzie: Yes, I'm very excited. I've been on TV before, but this is my first movie and it really is a great movie. I remember watching Game Plan when I was younger staring Madison Petis – she's a great actress and now I'm starring in the same movie as her – that's really incredible.

Prune: Your current single, Laugh, has come with great success. Talk to me about the song.

Mackenzie: The song has a great message. Everyone at some point will have a bad day, but this song is to say no matter how bad things get, just laugh it off.

Prune: The Laugh music video was shot solely with iPhones. Talk to me about the production behind the video.

Mackenzie: It was a fan source video – I wanted to get all the people who support me involved. We had people send in their clips, and also held a fun event at Awesomeness TV. I helped direct and the day was so much fun.

Shirt - Konus Brand

Prune: You have a large fan base on How has social media helped your career?

Mackenzie: Social media is a great way to connect and talk to your fan base. I see them more as friends.

Prune: On top of singing, you also play guitar. Do you play any other instruments?

Mackenzie: Piano is my first instrument. I also play drums too. I've played instruments from a young age and love singing to live instruments. I think it helps me be more creative with my voice.

Prune: You’re originally from England, but made the move to LA. What influenced you to move to America?

Mackenzie: We originally came to LA for the acting world. I worked in musical theatre from the age of six, and then I got too tall. I attended a talent convention in Florida. This is where I met my acting agent and came to LA for pilot season. During our time in LA, I met a lot of producers and fell in love with the music world, and knew my focus was music.

Prune: Both of your parents are professional singers. Are they your biggest inspirations?

Mackenzie: Yes they are, especially my dad. He's a great singer and has so much music knowledge. I love singing with him.

Prune: Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller has helped excel your career. Talk to me about the first time you met her.

Mackenzie: The first time I met Abby, she called me a (Justin) Bieber wannabe *laughs*. She said there are so many kids that want to be singers who are all prerecorded and tuned in studio and demanded I sing for her on the spot. So, I didn't hesitate, and sang. She was impressed and asked me to perform at a party in Beverly Hills the following evening. From there she asked me to tour Europe with her and became like my second mum, I love her.

Prune: What are your career goals as a whole?

Mackenzie: To be a respected and successful music artist.

Prune: Finally, let’s talk fashion. What is your everyday style?

Mackenzie: I got style man, I love love clothes. I like to be different – at the moment I love long length tees and tanks. It's very important to match your shoes to your outfit.





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