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C'est Prune: Jack Griffo

Director: Michael St. Michael @michaelstmichael

Photo: Elton Anderson @eltonandersonjr

Wardrobe: Apuje Kalu @apuje

Men's Grooming: Sonia Lee for Exclusive Artists using La Prairie Interview: Dylan Jader @thedylanjader

Prune: Your big break came in 2013 with Nickelodeon’s “The Thundermans.” Talk to me about this turning point in your career.

Jack: At the time, nobody expected it to be a turning point. I had a big pilot previously, but Nickelodeon let me go when the pilot didn’t get picked up, which was hard for a 15-year-old kid. The next year, they called my reps about The Thundermans. I knew about the show, because I knew Kira (Kosarin). It was already a pilot, and there wasn’t a role for me, but they explained that they had changed the show a bit. It was now about twins instead of just a girl. I went in and read for the show, and the rest is history from there.

Prune: You’ve been in the public eye for a long time. What is it like to grow up in that environment?

Jack: It’s not easy. It came with its challenges. Especially around 16-17, you start dating girls and getting into relationships. My first relationship was all about the public eye, and it was interesting and fun, but there was a ton of pressure. You know certain things are going to get written about you. You don’t realize the rule of a role model and the influence you have on children. Being 20 now, I can see a little bit clearer, and the industry has forced me to grow up fast.

Prune: What is the funniest (untrue) rumor you’ve ever heard about yourself?

Jack: That’s a really funny question. I remember hearing that someone called me a diva. To me, I’m very lax, very go with the flow. Apparently, someone asked if I needed something once, and I made a demand. I came across diva-ish. It really made me think about the way I interact with people. In the spotlight, you’re put on a pedestal, and people care if you’re cool, nice, compassionate, and caring. It’s a little bit unfair to young kids in this position. Now I’ve been in the industry and I know how it works.

Prune: You date Disney’s Paris Berelc. Talk to me about her.

Jack: Paris is so cool, we love hanging out together. I’ve never been this excited about a relationship, it’s a lot of fun.

Prune: Dating in Hollywood is hard. Is it helpful to be in a relationship with someone who has a similar career?

Jack: Yes. I love having someone that is easygoing and caring. We’re both doing the same thing, I’m starting Thundermans this summer again, and she’s starting her new show. Her studio is right next to mine, so we’re excited about that. We’ll see each other at lunch.

Prune: Music is also a big part of your life. Would you ever create your own music alongside acting?

Jack: I’m starting to write music, and that is really fun for me. While I was doing Thundermans, it was on the back-burner, and something to pass time. Now that I’m 20, and thinking about my next move, my heart is open to music and sharing it. It’s never been about me, but with music, it’s the opposite. It’s like a diary. In the next year, I’ll be working on music, and playing small venues to get used to sharing myself with people.

Prune: Fans can often see you attending concerts and festivals. Do you have any lined up for the summer?

Jack: Yes. I have the FYF Festival coming up in LA. Frank Ocean is headlining, who I love. It will be all kinds of cool artists. There’s also Outside Lands. My friends rave about it, and this year Metallica and The Who are headlining.

Prune: Let’s talk fashion. What is your everyday style?

Jack: It’s really casual. I’m all about denim, different brands, different designers. I like to wear cool graphic t shirts. John Varvatos has a great line of rock band t shirts. I got to meet him at the last show of fashion week. I was sitting front row at his show, and his PA grabbed me and said that Mr. Varvatos had “requested my presence.” I go backstage and there is a little girl waiting. It turns out his daughter is a big fan of Thundermans. I got to hang out with her, and met him, it was really cool.

Prune: What are your three favorite trends at the moment?

Jack: I love overalls. I like colored hair, it’s grown on me lately. This has always been in, but the at-leisure look. High end athletic clothing, I really enjoy that.

Prune: Time to fashion prune. If you could eliminate one current trend, what would it be?

Jack: The male romper.





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